Pandya Store 18th November 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 18th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Pandya Store  episode starts with Natasha saying that Isha’s exile can end if they want while Hetal suggests Natasha to call her as Isha is elder than Dhawal.Dolly agrees to help Natasha while on the other hand, Isha tries out different jewelery for Diwali when Chiku brings Natasha’s jewelery and asks her to wear something.Isha becomes happy and decides to wear the heaviest earrings while Chiku keeps praising her beauty.

Meanwhile, Dolly convinces Hetal to join the mission to bring back Isha while Pranali refuses to support her and says that she is not interested in being a part of such a risky mission.Meanwhile, Suman scolds Mithu and Shesh and asks them to complete the work on time, just then Isha comes there getting ready.Suman praises her while Isha gets scared of ger and starts working due to which Suman asks her to come with them to Natasha’s in-laws house on Diwali to which Isha grumbles and says she can’t come. .

However, whenever Suman hears Natasha’s in-laws name she questions Isha’s behavior and further takes Amba’s name due to which Isha gets angry and shows scissors to Suman.Suman gets scared seeing this while Isha asks her not to be afraid.Meanwhile Natasha gets the idea that they should dress up like kidnappers and come to Pandya’s house to kidnap her and Dhaval will automatically come there.

Dolly asks how will she manage to go out of the house today while Pranali scolds Hetal for supporting Natasha every day after knowing that she always makes a mess.Natasha assures that nothing wrong will happen and tells Hetal that they are doing a good job by reuniting the brother and sister.Furthermore, Pranali goes to her room and calls her sister and asks if she has bought new clothes for Diwali, but her sister refuses and says that they will adjust on their own.

She disconnects the call while Pranali asks Bhavin for money which he refuses to take and insults her father while Hetal comes to her room and says that she is scared of helping Natasha.Pranali says that she is also going to help Natasha when Hetal gets happy while Natasha goes to execute her plan but sees some people changing their getups and coming towards her.They surround Natasha and show their weapons and start laughing at her while Natasha gets nervous as they ask her for a Diwali gift.

Meanwhile, Dhaval comes there to protect her, and asks her to move in and help Hetal decorate the house.However, Natasha says that she is going to celebrate Diwali with Pandya today as it will be her last Diwali at Pandya Store.Dhaval asks her to handle the responsibilities of her in-laws as well, while Natasha gives her a sarcastic smile and Dhaval asks her why she is laughing.Natasha murmurs that time will tell what will happen after Isha’s return and whether the family will be reunited or face some other problem.

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Q1. where to watch Pandya Store

ANS. You can watch Pandya Store online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

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