Pandya Store 25th November 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 25th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Pandya Store¬† episode starts with Amba asking Amresh to come and have food while Amresh blames her for being responsible for arguing with Isha and Dhaval.He says that he will leave the house because everyone is facing problems due to the rules and regulations made by him.Amba gets emotional when Amresh says that he has done a lot for his brothers but today they are standing against him and he blames Amba for all these things.

After that, he leaves from there while Amba says that she will teach Natasha a lesson as she is the one who has created chaos in the entire family.Meanwhile, Natasha meets Amresh and says sorry to him while he asks her to stop acting in front of him and doing all this drama in front of Dhaval.He congratulates her saying that she has finally succeeded in separating Dhaval from her.

Meanwhile, Chiku reaches home and thinks about the things that Natasha told him.Suman suffers a stroke while Amresh challenges Natasha that soon he will bring sorrow in her life.Chiku calls Isha and asks whether Amresh is ready to keep her in his house or not.Isha talks rudely to him and asks him to disconnect the call, just then Mithu comes and tells him that Suman is not able to breathe.

On the other hand, Natasha slips in Amba’s room and her feet get swollen.Pranali and Hetal come there to see her while Dhaval wakes her up saying that he will make sure she is not late for the interview.Meanwhile, the doctor checks up on Suman and asks Chiku to take proper care of her.Dhaval takes Natasha for an interview and she passes the interview, which makes him happy.

Suman tells Chiku not to tell Natasha about his ill health as she will worry a lot about him.Meanwhile, Isha asks Chiku about Suman’s health when he gives her updates to which she asks if she can come and take care of her.Chiku says he can take care of her and disconnects the call while Dhaval and Natasha come home and tell Isha the good news that Natasha has got the job.Isha tells her to tell this news to Suman first as she will feel good and will get well soon when Natasha asks her what happened to Suman.

Furthermore, Isha tells her that Suman has suffered a stroke and her reports are not normal which makes Natasha and Dhaval nervous and hence they go to Pandya’s house.Meanwhile, Isha thinks that Amresh is biased towards Natasha while Amresh calls Munshi ji to come and discuss about the papers of Pandya store.On the other hand, Natasha hugs Suman and complains to her why she did not tell her about her health, while Suman says that she did not want to make her feel stressed.

Meanwhile, Dolly’s father comes there and Amresh pretends in front of him that Natasha is not signing the papers.Munshi ji says that he will get Natasha to sign the paper in the coming two days, which makes Amresh happy.


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Q1. where to watch Pandya Store

ANS. You can watch Pandya Store online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

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