Pandya Store 26th November 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 26th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Pandya Store 26th November 2023 episode starts with Amrish complaining about Natasha. He says I can’t cheat, it’s my problem. Bansi says that we cannot sink our business because of small Pandya store. Amrish says I will choose relationships over business, even if I have to start from scratch. Bansi says if you don’t get it then I will do this work, my money is also invested in this project. Amrish says it is your money, do whatever you feel is right.

Bansi nodded. Amrish walks away and smiles. Isha serves sweets to everyone. Hetal asks where is Natasha. Isha says Suman is not well, Natasha had gone to meet her. She asks Amba to have sweets, Natasha has got a job. Amba threw the box of sweets down.She scolds her daughters-in-law. She says Isha won’t do any work, I will clean this mess and your room too, I will arrange your wardrobe. Hetal says no, I will clean it, calm down, I will decorate Isha’s wardrobe. Amba asks why would you do this, will you work against me, Natasha has fooled you. Hetal says it is nothing like that.

Amba says I can see what you all are doing. She asks Isha to come with her. Hetal says we will clean it, if Natasha comes and sees this fallen sweets she will feel bad. Amba tells Isha not to do any work for her sisters-in-law. She brings Isha to her room. Isha says calm down, I told Natasha that Suman is unwell. Amba says Natasha and Dolly have changed the atmosphere of the house, Natasha is smart, she will make you a maid. Dhaval and Natasha come home. Hetal hides the fallen sweets.

Amba tells Isha to go and see if Natasha has returned or not. Isha says okay. Amba looks at the cupboard. Everyone congratulated Natasha. Natasha says thanks, did you eat sweets. Hetal says yes. The system says we are cleaning the floor. Isha says Natasha has come. Amba threw the cupboard down from herself. She screams and acts out. Isha shouts at Dhaval. Dhaval and everyone come. They help Amba.

Amba scolds Natasha. She says Natasha has a lot of work, she doesn’t have time for my family, I will do my work. Dolly says this will happen everyday, its burden will fall on us. The system says yes, it is a sin to visit the maternal home. Dolly gets a call. She goes to answer. Natasha says I suddenly came to know about Suman and left quickly. Amba acts. Dolly asks Bansi what happened. Bansi asks him to come home to talk. Dolly says I can’t come, no one likes to go to daughter-in-law’s parents’ house, Natasha went to her parents’ house, Amba dropped the cupboard on herself, sorry, the situation is tense. She ends the call. Amrish hears this and says mother does right thing at wrong time. Natasha says nothing

big happened to Suman. Amba says it is fine that my leg is broken. Natasha says I will do the work, I will apply the ointment, I always keep it in my purse for Suman. She applies ointment. Isha asks can I get water. Amba says no. Natasha says sorry. Amrish comes and asks what happened.

Amba complains about Natasha. Amrish says you could have told someone else, Hetal, why did you do this, are you fine. Amba says I will be fine. Amrish asked everyone to go to their rooms. He asks Natasha to rest. He says Natasha has gone to Suman knowing that she is not well, like we worry so much for you. He asks Dolly to go meet his father.

Dolly thinks the rules are not so strict. Amrish asks Dolly to live as per her wish. He says if no one stops Natasha then why should anyone stop you, go and meet your parents. Dolly asks are you sure. He says yes, but come quickly. Natasha and Dolly smiled. The system gets disturbed. Amrish says everyone should rest. They all go. Amba says you ruined my efforts. Amrish says we should keep quiet, let Natasha love Dhaval, let Dhaval win her trust, then she will be very sad, you will understand, smile till then.

Amba smiles. She prays for him. Natasha says I really feel like cooking something for you. Dhaval asks is everything fine, will you cook for me, she says everything is good, you took permission for the interview for me, and took me for the interview and to meet Suman. Dolly meets Bansi. He says I have some work. She worries.

She says I don’t want to get scolded like Natasha, I will listen to my in-laws and do their work, else nothing, sorry. She leaves. Bansi says how will this happen. Amrish thinks that Natasha will sign the papers, Pandya store will be finished. He gets a call from Bansi. Bansi says Dolly refuses, what does Makhwana family do with their daughter in law, she says she can’t displease the family. Amrish says we don’t do anything. Bansi says Dolly is innocent, we can’t tell her the truth, we have to try some other method.

It will happen, we will say that we will give the profits of the mall to all the daughters-in-law, the paperwork will be done and we will also keep the papers of Pandya Store. Amrish says you are doing this for Dolly, I don’t mind. He says that Dhawal can get Natasha to sign the papers in a hurry.

Natasha signs the papers. Amrish sees Dhaval and Natasha planning a date. He smiles and thinks Dhaval, amazing, you did my work, Natasha didn’t even know and signed, Pandya store will be destroyed tomorrow morning.

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