Pandya Store 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 27th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Pandya Store 27th November 2023 episode starts with Dhaval and Natasha having a moment. She kisses his cheek and leaves. He asks her to stop. They cook together. He says I am just helping you. She says I forgot to knead the dough. She hurries to get the box of flour. Dhaval smiles seeing him. Plays quietly…he gets the box. The flour falls on them. they laughed.

They see that the pot is burning. They laugh and hug. Isha comes to meet Chiku. He worries and asks you here. She says you were ignoring me. He says no, Suman will wake up. She says I will tell him that you called me here. He says you are a big liar, please go. She says no. He dreams about Isha. He murmurs in his sleep. Suman wakes up and asks where should I go. Chiku says no, I was massaging your feet. Suman asks did Isha come in your thoughts. He says no, I am going to sleep. She says sweet dreams.

Morning comes, Dhaval and Natasha collide. She says I will make something good. Dhawal says don’t worry about food, I will come to pick you from office, I mean your leg is hurt, that’s why. She says don’t worry, my leg is fine now, I wanted to say something else. He asks what do you mean? She says I wanted to take you out for dinner. He smiles. She says I mean we have worked hard for the work, so we should celebrate. He says it is a date, when a boy and a girl go out alone. She gets shy. He asks will you be scared of me? She asks why would I be scared.

He says it is a date. She says okay, we have to take Amba’s permission. He says okay, I will bring flowers for you. Amba does drama in front of everyone. Amrish asks how is your leg now. She says better. She blesses her sons. Dhaval and Natasha come. He greeted Amba. He says I have a request, Natasha and I want to go out for dinner. Amrish and everyone kept watching. Amba says its good, we all are going out for dinner. Dhaval says let us keep going, I mean Natasha and I will go alone. Amba says I understood, I was pulling your leg, I don’t like hotel food, okay, go, Chirag and Dolly also got married recently, take them with you, it will be good. Chirag and Dolly smiled. He says, of course, we will go. Dhaval says I will come. he goes

Amrish stops Chirag and asks him to see the order once. Chirag says ok and leaves. Dolly shows the pictures to Amba. Pranali says I will never go to dinner with Bhaven. Dhawal says we should have gone alone. Natasha says it will be fun if Chirag and Dolly come together. Chirag says Natasha is innocent, it won’t be fun, you take Natasha somewhere else, I will take Dolly somewhere else. Dhawal says great. Amrish watches and thinks this is the right time to hammer the iron. Isha comes to meet Chiku.

He tells you here. She says yes, can’t I come here, were you thinking about me. He says yes, I mean no. Isha says I came to meet Suman. Suman comes. Isha welcomed him. He gets the fruit. She says I was supposed to come tomorrow, when I told Natasha about you, Natasha got hyper and went away, she couldn’t do the work given by mummy, mummy did the work and the cupboard fell on her, so. I couldnt come. , Suman asks if Amba is fine. Isha says yes. Suman says that Natasha does every work very well. Isha says she is less mature, she is younger, things will get better when she grows up, I came to meet you, I will go now, take care of yourself.

She leaves. Suman looks at Isha and Chiku. She asks Chiku if he likes Isha a lot, I also like her, but Natasha is her sister-in-law, like she told us about her family, she will tell about us to her family, this will help her. Many problems will arise and the relationship will become bitter. , Do you understand, if your steps are moving towards him, then stop it, please, sorry. She goes.

Chiku thinks that Chutki had also refused and now Suman is also refusing, what is the problem in this. Amrish asks Hetal where are Natasha and Dolly. Hetal says they are getting ready for dinner. Amrish says I need his hints. She says wait, I will call them. Bhaven gets the paper and says I have signed it. Dolly comes. Bhaven asks Dolly to sign. Amrish asks what? Amrish says you are getting late, your father said 50% of the profit will be divided among four daughters-in-law. Dolly smiles and signs the papers. Amrish thinks I want Natasha’s sign. Dolly gives the file. Amrish says do one thing, give this file to Dhaval and tell him to get Natasha’s signature on the papers, we have to send this file to your dad, he is a small man, go. She says, its done.

Dhawal comes down. Dolly says dad has sent these papers, us

Natasha’s signature is required, profit shares will be given to four daughters-in-law. Dhawal says amazing. She says sign it. Chirag says he will work, come. They go. Dhawal says he even gave me work on my date. Dhawal comes down. Dhaval smiles seeing him. Amrish looks on and thinks once Dhaval gets the signal, I will take the Pandya store and Natasha will be out of the house.

Natasha says I had given second chance to this relation, but you cheated me and took my signatures on those papers, you broke Pandya store and me too.

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