Pandya Store 28th November 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 28th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Pandya Store 28th November 2023 episode starts with Dhaval smiling at Natasha. She gives him flowers and asks will you be my date tonight. He smiles and nods. Dil kyun yeh mera…play… He says I will be your date forever. He asks her to sign the papers, this is Bansi’s deal to give benefits to all the daughters-in-law. She actually asks. He says you can sign it whenever you want. She says I will sign it immediately. Amrish looks on. Dhawal gets a call. Natasha signs the papers.

Dhaval asks Natasha to end it quickly. She doesn’t check the documents. She signs the blank paper. He says, it’s done. She thinks Dhaval is like a child, he gets happy. He asks Hetal to give the file to Dolly. Amrish smiled. Dhaval and Natasha leave. Amrish saw the signed papers. He cries happily and says now Pandya store is ours, I love you Dhaval, Dhaval and Natasha’s relation will end today. Dhaval brings Natasha somewhere and surprises her. She likes the place and asks what happened to you, you have become romantic. He says I want to impress my wife. Aadha Ishq… plays… They smile and hug. Chirag brings Dolly to some place.

She doesn’t like this place and says we can’t have a romantic dinner in our destiny, it looks haunted. He says no, I wanted to spend time with you without any hassle, I was surprised. Dhaval says we fight a lot, we don’t trust each other. Natasha says that usually when people get time to know each other, they get married. He says that 90 percent of marriages in India are arranged, it does not mean that it does not work, we should find respect and trust in our relationship. She says we can try, I have complete trust in you now, do you also trust me. He holds her hand.

Amrish keeps the papers. He says what am I doing, I am ruining my brother’s marriage, no, I can’t fall down, I can’t ruin his life, what should I do, everything will get ruined, someone tell me Pandya Store. Can’t snatch it. Dhaval gets a bracelet for Natasha. She smiles She says it is very beautiful. He makes her wear this. He says marrying you was the best decision of my life, thanks for coming into my life. She says it is half hearted, why. There’s a reason, he says. He shows the other half of the heart. He says that when we become one this heart will be complete and it will bind us together. She smiles

She makes him wear the bracelet. Jeena hai… drama… Chiku says I don’t know about paying taxes, will I call Natasha for every little thing. He hears Harish talking to Bansi. Bansi says Natasha has signed the papers. Harish asks if, he gave permission to demolish Pandya store. Chiku is surprised. Harish says mall work will start soon, Pandya store will be demolished tomorrow. Chiku says I have to ask Natasha, Suman may fall ill, what did you do. Dhaval asks if we can start our married life like real husband and wife. Natasha smiles.

Natasha scolds Dhaval for cheating her and taking her signature. they cry.

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Q1. where to watch Pandya Store

ANS. You can watch Pandya Store online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

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