Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 13th October 2023 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 13th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s episode of Radha Mohan 13th October 2023 starts with Both Mohan and Radha are shocked to see Gungun being hit by a car, blood gets splattered on Mohan’s face when Gungun falls on the road, the lamp in the temple suddenly gets extinguished, the entire Trivedi family is shocked to see that the air The attitude has suddenly changed. Seeing Diya, Tulsi starts shouting Gungun’s name, the whole family is stunned to see how many strange things are happening in this house, the doors start ringing and the picture also keeps shaking, Kadambari turns and she herself sees this. Diya gets shocked, Ketki asks what is happening and even Rahul is confused, they all are not able to understand anything.

Damini starts smiling seeing Gungun lying on the middle of the road, Radha and Mohan run towards her while she is lying there and bleeding from her forehead, Mohan requests her to open her eyes and Radha also assures That they won’t let anything happen to him. , Mohan quickly picks her up in his arms and they both start running, Damini thinks that no matter how hard they try, Gungun will not be saved as she will definitely die and along with her both Radha and Mohan. Will lose his strength.

Mohan runs to the hospital to call the doctor, he tells that Gungun was hit by a car, the doctor asks them to put him on a stretcher when Radha assures that nothing will happen to Gungun, the doctor tells Gungun. Explains to him after investigation. Got a lot of injuries and his condition is not good, he says they are going to try their best so they start pushing the stretcher towards the ICU, Radha tries to follow him but the nurse stops her, Radha tells that her daughter will get scared but Mohan stops her.Gungun’s treatment starts in the ICU, the doctors keep checking her pulse but Gungun is still unconscious.

The whole family goes out, while Kadambari calls Tulsi and asks what has happened as she feels something is wrong, the whole family is shocked to see vases being thrown on the floor along with banging of doors, Ramveshwar says That they think something is wrong is a ghost but Kadambari questions what he is saying as it is just a strong gust of wind, Tulsi says that Gungun is in trouble, Ketki’s phone starts ringing then Mohan tells that Gungun is in trouble.

Ketaki switches off her phone after hearing this news. When Kadambari asks her what happened but she doesn’t answer Kadambari gets worried, Ketaki only takes Gungun’s name hearing which Tulsi says That he was sure something had happened to him. Kadambari angrily asks Ketki what happened to Gungun along with the entire family, Ketki remains breathless at first when she finally tells that Gungun met with an accident. After hearing this news, the whole family is unable to control their emotions, Ketaki tells that they have to leave for the hospital quickly, Tulsi is also unable to control herself and starts crying. Ketaki picks up her call when she asks her mother to come too but Kadambari instructs Ketaki to leave while she will return.

Kadambari quickly closes the door of the house and calls Tulsi who is still crying, Kadambari requests Tulsi to calm down and not behave like this, Kadambari sits on her knees holding her hand and Requests Tulsi to calm down.

Radha is sitting on the floor while Mohan keeps remembering the blood on his hands and how he saw his Gungun getting hit by a car and falling on the road. Radha questions what happened to her Gungun, she first starts crying, then looks at Mohan and asks if her Gungun will be okay and nothing will happen to him, she keeps asking Mohan but he doesn’t answer. And just keeps looking at his hands. , Radha gets worried so asks Mohan to say something and questions whether Gungun will be okay.

Mohan tells Radha that this blood is his daughter’s, he also starts crying saying that Gungun is fighting for her life, Radha tries to calm him down by saying that Gungun will be fine, Mohan tells the nurse. Quieting him he asks how Gungun is when the nurse says that the situation is serious right now and they can’t say anything. Mohan gets angry so goes after her and says Gungun is his daughter, he goes to the door of the ICU where Gungun is being operated on, he is shocked to see how they are cleaning the wound. . Radha also gets emotional seeing Gungun’s critical condition, she remembers how she used to play with her in Trivedi Bhawan and they had formed a mother-daughter relationship together.

Mohan thinks about the moment when Gungun had said that she was sacred to him and she had even started calling him Papa, he is unable to forget the moment when Gungun was hit by a car. .

Tulsi is continuously shouting Gungun’s name, Kadambari sitting next to her asks if Tulsi is here, she is not able to touch Kadambari so she explains that she is present near her but still she cannot do anything for her daughter. Kadambari requests Tulsi to explain that this is what happens to a mother, who keeps her children with her for her whole life but she does not understand the meaning of living in this world.

However, Tulsi must know that a mother can face any problem to keep her children safe, so Tulsi has to be a strength not only for herself or Gungun but also for Gungun’s other mother. Meaning Radha who is blaming her Mohan right now doesn’t know who will be able to take care of her because her life depends on Gungun’s well-being, and she was alive only for Gungun after Tulsi’s death and before his arrival. Radha, while Gungun and Mohan’s relationship has resolved after so many years, does not know who will take care of her son in this situation.

Kadambari tells Tulsi that her Mohan and Gungun need her support so Tulsi needs to control her emotions and calm down, Tulsi agrees with Maa that Mohan needs her support so she Have to go to your Gungun and Radha, when Kadambari replies Tulsi immediately leaves. Everything becomes quiet, she wonders what is happening so she calls Gungun’s name and leaves immediately.

Radha goes behind Mohan and asks what happened, he says he couldn’t do anything when Gungun got hurt in front of his eyes, Radha tries to assure that it’s not like that when Mohan asks. What will he say to Tulsi that he could not protect his daughter hence she is lost, Radha says it is she who is lost and it is not Mohan, today she has lost her motherhood.

Tulsi says that Radha has not done anything and it is not her fault, when Radha says that she could not take good care of Gungun and something so disgusting happened in front of her eyes, Mohan calms Radha saying this. It is not her fault, Radha says she promised to always be with Gungun and protect her but still she failed to keep her safe, Radha says the blood on both their hands and clothes is their fault. Proof of deception, she says that she tried hard to be her real mother but the reality is that she is a stepmother who could not protect her. Mohan is shocked to see Radha’s emotional state.

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