Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 19th November 2023 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 19th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Radha Mohan 19th November 2023 episode starts with Kavita mentions that they are not ordinary people as they can work together even under extreme pressure so now both Radha and Mohan will do their rescue mission. Ketaki questions what is she talking about as why are they putting more burden on her brother and sister in law as it is their job. Rahul asks Ketki to sit and calm down, he requests Kavita not to involve her family in this matter as they are very simple people so she should fulfill her responsibility and complete it as soon as possible.

Damini gets angry seeing Mohan sleeping with Radha and says that he is coming closer to her as if someone has joined them both with glue, she sits on the chair and angrily calls him an idiot. All the hostages in the plane are also sleeping, then Tabrez is monitoring everyone, Radha opens her eyes and sees that they all are sleeping and seeing the time asks Mohan ji to wake up as it is five o’clock, Mohan Slowly opens his eyes and says he wants tea, when Radha asks where she can get it,

Damini tells that it is an aeroplane, not her bedroom so why is she asking for tea, Radha Mohan. Tabrez replies that he has tea and a gun so would Mohan like to have breakfast with a bullet. Radha warns him to go back as he did not tease her so early in the morning, Mohan asks Radha to calm down explaining that they are trapped in this plane and if the terrorists open fire then Yamraj will kill both of them right now. Will take it with you. Radha tells Mohan that today is Karva Chauth, Damini gets angry saying that her life is in danger and she is worried about Karva Chauth, Mohan questions why Damini is interfering because if he does it again she will She gets worried after hearing that he will kill her before the terrorists.

Radha notices her bag and asks Mohan if that thing is still in her bag, Mohan replies that because of the way they are protecting her bag, then she thinks that thing is still in her bag. Is in. Radha says who knew they would use her lovely bag for such a disgusting purpose, Mohan questions if she is really crazy and says their lives are at stake and she is worried about her bag. , Radha replies that she would definitely be worried as she has a lot of good memories with the bag. She says that they should give it a go this time.

Damini turns when Radha hears Mohan’s stomach growling, Radha asks if there is any problem with his stomach due to stress, when he says that he has not eaten anything for so many days so his stomach is upset. There will be a sound. Radha replies that she is worried about how to get the things out of her bag but she is thinking about what to eat, Mohan asks if she hasn’t heard the phrase that one should eat before doing any work, so He is also beaten badly, Radha meets him worriedly and asks if she can wipe the blood, but Mohan says that it did not help him.

Mohan says that Karva Chauth is also coming so don’t they have to keep fast, Radha gets suspicious so asks if he is also going to keep fast, Mohan assures that he will keep Karva Chauth as Radha also keeps fast for him. So he will keep a fast for his long life, which Damini hears and becomes furious. Mohan says that when she turns a hundred years old he will run to kiss her, Radha angrily asks if she looks old, but he says that at a hundred years old she will look really old.

Mohan asks if she has let him do any work alone so that they can still be together, Radha agrees that she has always helped him but requests him not to keep Varth today as he has already suffered a lot of injuries so Worth should not be kept. He asks Radha not to keep it as she doesn’t feel like it. When Radha says why shouldn’t she keep it as she will do varatha even while dying, Mohan tells her not to talk about death as it only involves There are four good people in Viman, Radha says that Ba Kai Bihari ji is also good but Mohan says that he is God. Gungun slowly wakes up and says that she is hungry and tells this to Mohan and his Rama when Mohan promises that he will do something but asks her to sit.

The newly married couple also says that they are very hungry but Tabrez angrily warns them to keep quiet, when Mohan tells Radha that the situation is going to get worse the pregnant woman gets up, the pregnant woman also asks for something to eat. But Tabrez says no. When the pregnant woman asks how they will not be given food when they are all hungry since yesterday, they all start demanding food. Bunty wakes up and gets angry, so with extreme frustration questions what they want. The pregnant woman says they have already hurt them but will they kill them by starving them. Bunty warns her to sit down but she refuses asking if he can’t see that she is pregnant. Mr.

Radha says that now she will keep Varth with herself after eating Sarghi, when Damini says that she will keep Varth for her too, Mohan asksAs to whether he should die, Radha asks why is he talking about dying as Damini keeps it is worth for him then his life will increase three times, Mohan says that Damini will keep worth after eating pepperoni. Hearing this, Radha gets worried so she asks him not to look at her.

Kavita tells all of them that they will need help from someone from inside and that is why they need the support of Radha and Mohan. Ketaki asks what if something happens to them as they can’t use her brother and sister-in-law like this, Vishwanyata tells Ketaki that there is no point in arguing with them as they all know that Radha and Mohan Both will definitely try to make a plan. Ketki replies that that is what she is worried about because what if they risk their lives, Kavita says that she knows Ketki and the others are worried for their family but the truth is that they have to be kept inside the plane. Need support from otherwise there are too many families their nation will be destroyed.

Bunty and Tabrez come out after giving food to the hostages, she gives the box to Mohan and Radha who take the box praising her, Radha gets up but the air hostess warns her to sit down as she has got the food when Radha Says she doesn’t eat food after offering bhog to Ba Kai Bihari Ji, but Tina stops her when Mr. x Very useful for them. Mr.x

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