Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 19th October 2023 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 19th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Radha Mohan episode starts with Damini taking Mohan’s phone in her hand and disconnecting Radha’s call, while Mohan holds the knife firmly to kill Damini.At the hospital, Radha becomes worried after the call gets disconnected after which she wonders if Damini has done something wrong.Later, Damini sets the mood in the room by lighting candles after which she sits beside Mohan and hugs him.

While hugging, Damini tells Mohan that she was waiting for this moment for so long and then gets ready to kiss Mohan.On the other hand, Mohan silently approaches his knife but fortunately, Radha comes to Mohan’s peace.Just then, Radha sees Mohan holding a knife as Damini scolds Radha for interrupting her moments with Mohan.Due to this, Radha slaps Damini one after another and says that she should be grateful to her for saving her life, as Mohan was about to kill her.

Saying this, Radha points towards Mohan’s hand and prompts Damini to look at the knife which Mohan had been holding tightly to all this time.Radha then tells Mohan that he does not need to fulfill Damini’s condition as money has already been arranged for Gungun’s treatment.This causes Mohan to thank Radha and they proceed to embrace, after which the couple proceed to leave.

However, on the way, Mohan stops and tells Damini that he feels bad saying that he is Radha’s complete partner.Radha and Mohan leave, while Damini despairingly wonders how Radha managed to get Rs 20 lakh.After much time, Radha and Trivedi learn from the doctor that Gungun is out of danger.The doctor further tells Radha that the results of the next two operations will also be successful, making Trivedi happy.

During this, Krishna comes in and Radha goes to him, thus she is able to introduce Krishna to Mohan.Mohan expresses his gratitude to Krishna, while Krishna tells Mohan that he is sure of winning the contract, which is why he has given him Rs 20 lakh.Krishna then asks Radha if she and Mohan are coming to Maldives, to which Radha says that they are not ready to leave the ailing Gungun.However, Kadambari and Trivedi suggest Radha and Mohan to go to Maldives and later, Radha and Mohan come to meet Gungun.

Radha keeps Lord Krishna’s idol in the room, during which Gungun asks Radha and Mohan to go to Maldives.Gungun tells the couple that family comes first, after which Radha tells Gungun that Tulsi is always with her.The very next moment, Radha and Mohan reach Maldives and are warmly welcomed at the Sunsiam Resort.Meanwhile, a man and woman become mesmerized by the beauty of the Maldives, when the woman says the organizer is a handsome bachelor.

Just then, in the ocean, a man jetskis like a pro and after he’s done, he swims back to land.Meanwhile, Radha tells Mohan that Gungun would be excited if she was with him in Maldives.Hearing this, Mohan tells Radha that Gungun loves Maldives, and also says that he is missing her.At the hospital, Kadambari is worried that Mohan is not calling her, when Ketaki tells Kadambari that they should rest to relieve their stress.However, Kadambari tells Ketaki that Radha and Mohan will not cool down if Gungun’s health deteriorates.

Meanwhile, Rahul arrives and expresses his concern for Gungun while crying when Kadambari urges Rahul to be strong for Gungun.In Maldives, Mohan advises Radha to be cheerful so that the organizers don’t mistake her for being less confident.Immediately, Radha tells Mohan that she will smile from now on, causing a man to clap and tell Radha and Mohan to have no passion for the competition.


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