Titli 14th October 2023 Written Update

Titli 14th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Titli 14th October 2023 episode starts with Titli and Megha arguing. Titli says you don’t know Garv, Garv has changed now, it proved today, Garv used to hurt others in anger, and today Garv got hurt, there was pain in his eyes, he loved me a lot. , I had hurt her. , You will not be able to understand this, because love means achievement for you, you can express your love, in love a person is not selfish but becomes a better person, you are happy to see Garv in pain, I’m not angry, I pity you.

She says this house and family is mine, I will not go anywhere leaving Garv. Megha says you are stubborn, I promise, Garv will throw you out of this house. She steps on some glass and gets hurt. Titli taunts him for thinking bad about others. Titli goes to her room. She worries. Chintu calls him. She picks up the call. He asks are you fine, did Garv get more angry, I heard everything, I was on call with Dhara. She says I am fine. He says Garv talked badly to you, I will tell everything to mom. She says no, this is my problem, I will handle it. He says you always do this, you come here for few days, we will deal with this problem.

She says no, Garv needs me here, I know how to fix it, I understood Chiku’s pain but didn’t treat her, everything will be fine. He asks how will you do this. She says this house will give Chiku his memories back, Garv gets angry with me as he loves me a lot, everything will be fine. Alpa comes home and screams. She asks Dadi to call Jayshree. Grandma asks about the matter. Alpa gets angry and says I was also ignorant like you, you will be shocked when you know the truth about your daughter-in-law. She asks what did Jayshree do, tell me. Alpa shows the picture and says that Jayashree and Viren are having illicit relations. Dadi says no, Jayshree can’t do this, it’s a lie. Alpa asks what, am I lying, okay, call him and ask him. She argues with grandmother. Maina cries and looks at Chiku.

Manikant comes and says trust me, I didn’t want to betray you, I was helpless. She says stop it, you have snatched my right and ruined Chiku’s future, you have broken my trust, you have cheated me, you have told the truth to Koyal, not me, is she more dear to you. . Cuckoo comes and says it is nothing like that. Chintu says mom and dad are not at home. Dadi shows the picture and asks if this can happen. He says this is a fake pic, baa, if we trust this and doubt the family, its wrong. Dadi says I also said the same. She defends Jayshree. Alpa says I will ruin Jayshree. Viren comes and says you came here, I told you, we will talk later. Alpa says I want to talk to Jayashree, want to call her home. Dadi says I will call Jayshree. Jayashree asks if everything is fine. Dadi says Alpa has come, she is saying that you are having an affair with her husband, say something, why are you silent. Alpa asks what happened, did she become quiet.

Jayshree asks how should I tell you. Dadi gets shocked and drops the phone. Chintu asks what mother said. Alpa says she said all this is true, they have affair even today, she is Viren’s present, not past. Viren is worried. Koyal says listen to me, Manikant did not hide anything from you. Maina says stop explaining things, I don’t trust you. Chiku woke up. He asks Maina to stay away, she is a bad aunty. He goes to the cuckoo. Koyal says she is your mother, she loves you a lot, go to her. He refused. Koel says she will not scold you. Myna cries. He asks her to leave.

The Titli held Garv’s hand. He says leave my hand. She says please… Megha comes and takes them away. She says sorry but I am Garv’s friend and therapist, give him space, it is important for him. She asks Garv to sleep in Chiku’s room.

Titli asks Chiku to save her. Chiku held his head. He remembers an old incident. Proud and everyone watches.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch  Titli

ANS. You can watch  Titli online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1. Titli upcoming story

ANS.Garv says tell me, you didn’t know this. Titli says I knew it. He breaks things in anger and scolds her.

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