Titli 9th October 2023 Written Update

Titli 9th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Titli 9th October 2023 episode starts with Titli and Garv thanking Megha and leaving. Megha gets angry. Drishti meets Sandy. He asks why did you call me here. She says its a small task, can we sit somewhere and talk. He tells you, I am late. She says give me some time. He asks her to say it quickly. She cries and says I am pregnant. Sandy is shocked. He starts laughing. He says I understand why you are doing this drama, stop lying, don’t call me, get out of my car. She cries.


Garv watches the video of Chiku and his childhood. He laughs. He asks Titli to come and watch the video. She smiles He says today is Chiku’s birthday, he used to find me and ask me to cut the cake. She asks what would you have done if he was here. He smiles and says trust me, I never left her alone, made kheer for her, introduced you to her. He becomes sad.

He says that if he were here, life would be better. She thinks you deserve to know that she belongs here in this house. She says maybe he won’t be perfect, I will come right now, there is a surprise for me, wait for me. She goes. Myna stops the cuckoo and taunts him. She says you are trying to get close to Manikant by using Chichi. Koyal asks what, have you gone mad. Maina says I don’t know why you are so possessive about Chichi, I will make sure she leaves from here. He calls the doctor and asks him to take Chichi.


Dhara wakes up and sees the window open. She turns it off. She turns and sees Chintu. she shouts. He says this is me. She asks why did you come? He says I wanted to apologize to you, sorry, I couldn’t understand your feelings. She says I don’t want your sympathy. He expresses his love. He proposes her for marriage. He says I have this now, I promise, I will earn money and get a nice ring for you. Dhara says yes. He thanks and hugs her.


Megha is worried. Ward boy comes and says we got a call, Maina asked us to take patient Chiku. Megha asks what name did you tell. He says cheeky. She checks the file. She thinks that Chiku is Garv’s elder brother. She smiles


The Titli meets the cuckoo. She says we have decided to keep it a secret, but my heart is telling me to tell Garv the truth, it is Chiku’s birthday, there will be no special gift for him, we will fine Chiku. Koyal says yes, I also think that we should tell now how long we will tell this lie. Megha goes and wakes up Chiku. She gives a new toy. She asks if your real name is Chichi. He says no, chiku.


He says that cuckoo, Titli and friends call me chiku. She asks who is the friend. He says Manikant. Koel says this will be the biggest gift for Gard, he has endured a lot. Drishti calls Chintu. He gets disconnected. She calls again. He takes the call and asks what happened.

She says I need your help. He says I am not your servant, I have already been insulted a lot, learn to value and respect people who love you. Megha asks did you tell them your real name. Chiku says yes. She asks if Titli knows about you. He says yes, thanks for the toy, it’s great, can I sleep. She asks don’t you want more toys, I kept it outside. She takes Chiku with her. The Titli and the cuckoo come and do not see him. Koyal asks where can he go at this time.



The doctor caught Chiku. garv comes and saves him. The doctor says you can’t take him like this. Garv says I will see who stops me.


Q1. where to watch  Titli

ANS. You can watch  Titli online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1. Titli upcoming story

ANS. There is an argument between Megha and Titli and Titli asks her to leave after submitting the clearance certificate for Garv

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