Anupama 11th October 2023 Written Update

Anupama 11th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Anupama 11th October 2023 episode starts with Anupama looks at the peacock feather and flute. She looks at the toy box and sees the slate. She thinks when she started writing she wrote my name. Her tears fall on the slate and she wipes it and Anupama’s name is erased from the mother’s. Samar comes there and asks why did you remove Maa from your name.

Anupama tells that she is not a good mother and cannot protect her son from the evil eye. Samar says you are a good mother and asks what is your mistake, if God has written for me to stay here till now. He says he feels sad when he sees her crying. Anupama says sorry and regrets not calling him back when she finds the black thread and cries.

Samar says maybe even if you had called me I would not have come. He says that something may happen. He says it was an accident and it is no one’s fault, not yours or Anuj Buddy’s. He says he doesn’t want my child to be born in this environment, and says I don’t want his life to stop because of his death. He asks her to promise that she will come out of the shock of his death and bring others too.

He says that when death does not stop for anyone, we will also stop our life for him. He asks her to live life happily. Meri Maa song plays…he makes Anupama write Maa on the slate and signals her to smile. Anupama smiles. Samar returned the slate to his hand. Anupama likes her name on the slate. She promises that from now on she will not let him suffer, whenever she remembers him she will bring a smile on her face. She smiles

Everyone is sitting in the hall. Anupama comes there energetically and gives turmeric milk to Kavya, gives coffee to Kinjal and Toshu, gives sugar free cream roll and tea to Babu ji, gives tea to Vanraj and gives kada to Baa for her throat pain. Is. She asks why are you looking at me? Baa says your pain is very deep. Anupama says I have promised my Samar that I will not cry remembering him. She says he came in my dream and told me not to cry, else he will get hurt.

She says I want to see him happy and hence won’t cry. She says that we will always miss her, and her memories will remain with us, but the pain will not be with us, as it will bind her soul with itself. She explains that moksha is freedom from all ties, and says that we will liberate him from pleasure and pain. She says that it is said that the soul is reincarnated and says that if it is true then Samar will go to a good place, and adopt the values and customs of this house.

She says we will smile, though it is hard, but we will try. She signals them to smile. Everyone smiles a little for Summer. Vanraj says we will dry our tears, but what about Dimpy. Anupama says if we all try we will bring her out of shock. Kavya says it feels like she will never come out of the shock. Anupama says I will bring him out of shock.

Anuj is signing the papers without looking. Ankush tells Anuj that life doesn’t stop when someone leaves, and asks him to concentrate on work and says no work has been done since 13 days. Anuj asks her to reschedule the meeting and says he will attend it. Ankush asks when is Anupama coming home? Anuj tells what to do, and tells Anupama to turn her face away and not look at him. He says she doesn’t even attend my calls and says if she has left me then I can’t live without her. He sees Anupama standing at the door.

Toshu is trying to calm Pari down as she is crying. Baa says she told Kinjal not to go to office, but she went. Toshu says Kinjal has not worked for 13 days. Dimpy comes there and takes Pari in her hands. Pari becomes silent and smiles. Dimpy takes her to her room. Vanraj says that if we remain happy then life can give us a reason to smile.

Anuj asks Anupama if she has come and will she not go back. Young Anu comes there. Anupama says you have school project and then dance class also. She goes inside with him. Anuj is surprised. He tells Ankush that Anupama didn’t tell me whether she came back or for Anu’s project. Ankush asks her to give him some time. Anuj asks him to talk to him on his behalf. Ankush says we can’t force her. Barkha asks him to give her some time and space.

Precap: Sonu’s father goes to Shah’s house and says you will regret. Anupama and Vanraj challenge that Sonu will be punished. Anuj says I am with you. Anupama says she doesn’t need his support. An auto driver threatens Kavya to ask Vanraj to withdraw the case against Sonu, else he too will fall in love with her child. She falls down from the auto and screams “My baby”.


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