Imlie 11th October 2023 Written Update

Imlie 11th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Imlie 11th October 2023 episode starts with doctor takes Ashu to the ICU and informs Imlie that Ashu has lost a lot of blood and they have to operate on him tomorrow itself, so she should arrange the money by tomorrow. Tamarind breaks down. Mother walks towards him. Imlie says she had arranged 2 lakh rupees with great difficulty and it was lost, now how will she arrange the money. Mother says God will help him.

Pallo comes inside and returns Imlie’s money and chain. Imlie cries that God should not give disease to the poor, she needs more money for Ashu’s treatment. Bulbul asks Pallo why she returned the money to Imlie. Pallo says she doesn’t want to rot in hell by causing a child’s death and whispers in her ears that if Ashu dies, the police will arrest Bulbul. Mama deposits the money in the reception and asks God how he will get more money. A man overhears him and suggests him to arrange money and donate a kidney to save his nephew. Mother agrees.

The doctor informs Imlie that they can treat Ashu’s head injury with 2 lakhs deposited by her, she has to deposit another 5 lakhs for Ashu’s operation tomorrow. Imlie cries sitting near Ashu and speaks emotionally fearing for Ashu’s life. Amrit comes in and offers to help Imlie. Imlie asks what is he doing here. Mama comes in and asks Amrit to get out. Imlie says let’s listen to her. Uncle says that he arranged money for Ashu’s treatment.

Imlie asks how. The man goes to uncle and shouts at him that his kidney is of no use as it has deteriorated due to alcohol addiction. Imlie says mother should not trust such people. The mother feels guilty for being unable to help him. Amrit says he can give her money if she sings in his private party. Imlie agrees for Ashu’s sake.

Sonali tells Alka that no one knows that they will control the business through Noyonika. Alka says that she can expand her business later and she should first think about expanding her family and having children. Sonali says that she and Amrit are busy with their business and cannot take the responsibility of the child. Alka asks which NGO works till midnight. Sonali says she trusts Amrit. Alka says that she also had faith in her husband, but once he went after the girl and cheated her.

Amrit organizes Imlie’s party at the village square and tells Imlie that she will sing for him, but the entire village will listen to her. The entire village gathers and the women speak ill of Imlie. Amrit thinks Imlie slapped in front of everyone, now she will be humiliated in front of the whole village. Sonali calls Amrit and he rejects her calls again and again. She wonders why he is doing this. Agastya sees her tensed and wonders whether he should ask her or not.

The bar manager informs the mother that Amrit is forcing her to sing in the village square to humiliate Imlie and take revenge on her. Mother says Imlie will bear the insult for Ashu’s sake. Imlie comes on stage and thinks she has to bear this insult for Ashu’s sake and sings a Radha Ek Mohan… song. Drunk people praise Imlie’s voice.

Amrit accidentally picks up Sonali’s phone. Sonali hears a song and asks who is singing. Agastya takes the phone and thinks it is a bar girl. Women say bad and good things about tamarind. Imlie feels hurt. Amrit thinks he has taken revenge from Imlie and tries to go away. Imlie asks him for money. Amrit says he took revenge for his insult. Imlie points sickle at him.

Precap: Ashu’s condition worsens. Inside the lockup, Imlie prays to God to save Ashu’s life. Agastya goes to her and says he has a proposal for her.


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ANS. You can watch Imlie online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

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