Anupama 12th October 2023 Written Update

Anupama 12th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Anupama 12th October 2023 episode starts with Anuj sees Anupama while she is cooking in the kitchen. The song plays. If we live then how can we live… He comes to her and asks if Dimpy is okay. Anupama says she is not fine, but she has to recover and learn to walk without Samar. She calls Choti and asks her to get ready to go to her school and says she will tie her hair. Anuj tells that he wants to tell her that he is not responsible for Samar’s death. He says I know the pain of losing a child and says I realized it when I lost little Anu.

He asks her not to say this as he can’t understand this pain and says he can’t share this pain with her even though he wants to. He says I am sorry I couldn’t save Samar. He asks her not to leave him. Anupama tells Anuj that she will give tiffin to little Anu. Anuj asks where is she going? Anupama says to PS. Anuj says I was there that day and can help you. Anupama says I will do it and tells that she has sworn to get her son’s murderer punished. Anuj says I will come and don’t want you to stay alone. Anupama says Samar’s father is with me in this fight.

She says she doesn’t want to take away his right to fight for justice, as she has lost her son too. She says she has to hang out with a guy she doesn’t want to hang out with. Anuj is worried.

Vanraj tells Baa that he is going to PS, because the man is out on bail and I don’t want him to roam free. Pakhi says he will be hanged for murder. Kinjal says he has no right to live. Anupama comes there and asks Vanraj to come. Babu ji asks did you talk to Anuj? Anupama is silent. Vanraj says we will come back. They come out of the house when they see a boy getting out of the car. Suresh tells that he wants to meet Anupama and Vanraj Shah. They say we are one. Suresh introduced himself as Sonu’s father. Sonu gets down from the car. Sonu’s father tells that he is upset with his son and tells that as soon as he came to know, he slapped him so hard that he fell on the floor. He says his mother had come, else I would have slapped him more. He asks Sonu to fall at his feet and apologize. He bends down to touch Sonu’s feet, but Anupama and Vanraj step back.

Suresh says my son has made a mistake. Anupama says this is not a mistake. Vanraj tells that this is a crime. Anupama tells that this cannot be forgiven. Vanraj says sitting is a sin and we will punish him so that he does not commit any crime. Suresh says that Sonu is his only son whom he got after prayers, yagya etc. He says he is not a bad man and he regrets the loss of his son. He says that God is the one who has planned all this and says that we cannot punish God. He says I will punish my son, and take away his car and credit card, and will switch off the AC and also take away his mobile. He asks them not to worry and says that his father will punish him, and asks them to withdraw the complaint as court proceedings are troublesome.

He says you have a big family, everyone will face problems. He calls his guard who gives the credit ward wallet. Suresh asked him to keep his credit cards for the rest of his life and asked to whom he would send the password. He says that he is a builder and the builder will give him the top floor. Anupama asks will you give your son in exchange of our son. Vanraj asks do we think the deal is finalized? Suresh shouted. Vanraj and Anupama also shout. Vanraj says you don’t need to snatch things from his son. He asks Sonu to party as the government will keep his phone and car switched off.

He says shame on a father who is supporting his son and has given him a gun to kill someone. Anupama tells Suresh that fathers like him, who give their sons the freedom to do wrong to others, because they have a lot of money. She tells him that he cannot spare their pain and suffering, and hence no deal. He throws the wallet on the floor.

Precap: Anupama and Suresh are going to PS. Suresh says you will regret. Anupama and Vanraj say you will regret. Anuj offers to help. Anupama says this is my fight. The auto driver throws Kavya down from the auto by threatening to kill her child.


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