Anupama 15th October 2023 Written Update

Anupama 15th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Anupama 15th October 2023 episode starts withToshu asks Vanraj not to go. Vanraj says your words are right, and your fear is right, but remember the family which doesn’t stand together and can’t fight for each other is not a family. He says if you go back today then no one in this family will trust the other and if something happens to any of us, no one will stand up for each other.

Toshu says a family is not created by someone’s death. Vanraj says your brother is dead, no one else. Toshu asks her to take back the case and asks her not to go. Barkha tells Adhik and Pakhi that she has inquired about the father-son duo and tells that they have links with the underworld and they can do anything. She tells that Kavya was attacked, and asks them to think about themselves. She says that I am protective and emotional about my brother, but it is in his favor. She says this is not just a legal fight, and asks how can you confront them outside.

She says Anuj is a big businessman, but just a businessman. More says I will give statement. Barkha tells that the case will go on for 10-15 years, and tells that we have only 1 percent chance of winning the case and they have 99 percent chance of winning, how many attacks will happen till then. She asks Pakhi to understand that they have other relationships too, and asks her to change her decisions about Vanraj and Anupama. Pakhi says he was my brother. Barkha asks him not to lose other relationships.

Vanraj asks Toshu to stay at home and close the door, but don’t stop him. He says I can’t step back, Samar’s father will fight and fight. He says that if I die while fighting, then neither file a complaint with the police nor cremate his dead body. He says I am not that old and will fight with the whole world for justice for my son. Kavya tells Vanraj that she is with him. Babu ji and Dimpy say we are also with you.

Malti Devi comes to the dining table. Barkha whispers where has Anuj’s hatred for Malti Devi gone. Anuj comes and sits down to have breakfast. Young Anu welcomes them and asks Malti Devi if she has got good peace. After a long time Malti says yes. Anupama asks Choti to get ready to go to school. Anuj says that they will leave Choti, as they are going to give statement to the police. He asks more will you come with me or separately. Ankush says that he is also an eyewitness. More tells that he cannot come.

Anupama asks why, and asks him to tell clearly. Pakhi says we have decided not to give statement to police and will not get involved in this case. Anupama gets shocked and says sweety. Vanraj comes there and claps after listening to her. He says Toshu and you have proved that when someone dies in the family the blood relation becomes water, even if the blood was strong before. Anupama asks what do you mean? Vanraj says Toshu also refused to give statement like Pakhi.

Kavya tells Kinjal that Toshu was never morally right or strong, and asks why are you not supporting the truth. Kinjal asks didn’t you see that I am working. Kavya says I see what you are not doing. She asks why was I scared even when I fell from the auto and tells that our family, Samar, is dead. Kinjal asks shouldn’t I worry for my daughter and us. Kavya says there is a difference between family and crowd and we are family. Kinjal says that she does not want her family to become a martyr family. She asks him to think about his child.

Kavya asks will I ask V and Anupama to forget that their son is killed. Kinjal asks him not to talk to her. Kavya says what if something happens to our children and they leave us. Dimpy comes there and asks Kavya not to convince her. Kinjal tells Dimpy that they all know how she reduced Anupama’s favor. Kavya reminds Kinjal that Dimpy lost her husband a few days ago. Kinjal asks did you consider us family. Dimpy says I didn’t think, it’s good I didn’t think of you all as family. Kavya asks Kinjal to take care of her safety, and they will stay scared, and they will fight their own battle. Baa and Babuji get worried.

Anuj tells Pakhi that Samar was her brother, and says you are not talking to me, as if I killed him, but you are not doing anything to get the real murderer punished. Ankush asks them not to be scared. Anuj asks Pakhi to understand. Malti Devi thinks that Anuj is pleading in front of Anupama’s daughter, but Anupama is not looking at him. Vanraj asks Anuj to leave it, and tells that one son has been shot and the other two have been killed out of fear. He says Anupama…today we became childless. He says you have forgotten your brother, but we will not forget our son Samar.

He tells Pakhi that if he dies in this fight, then don’t come to pick up his dead body, and says my babu ji will do it. Anupama   She cries. Pakhi says they have courage, but if they don’t, it doesn’t mean they are wrong. Anupama says how would you have felt if your mother had got scared when that boy was teasing you. Pakhi says I am practical. Anupama says you didn’t think practically when Samar fought with the whole college for you. She asks him practically not to call him cowardice.

She says that being practical is to fight against the world and stand strong against trouble. She says this is called stupidity and cowardice. Barkha thinks it is good that Adhik is silent and Pakhi is saying. Anupama tells Pakhi that for the first time she got a chance to do something for Samar. She tells Adhik that we cannot expect anything from the son-in-law when his own daughter is backing down. Pakhi says did we stop you and argue. Vanraj tells Anupama that this is the reality of life, parents stand by their children throughout their life, but they don’t do that. He says we will fight and asks Anupama to come. Anuj looks on.

Anupama and Vanraj come to PS. Inspector asks where is Anuj, Toshu and more. Vanraj tells that Toshu has become more withdrawn. Inspector says they are your real son and son in law, how can they back out. Vanraj says he is the only eyewitness now. Anuj comes there and tells that he will also give statement. Barkha comes to the kitchen and sees Malti Devi cooking, and reminds her that she is a guest. Malti Devi says that she is a mother, not a guest. Barkha taunts him for leaving Anuj in the orphanage. She says you are here because Anuj-Anupama are in shock. Malti Devi says that is why she needs her more, and says when Anupama has no problem, then why do you have a problem. She tells that she is making something for her son for the first time. Barkha thinks she wants to acquire Kapadia empire and I will not let this happen.

Anuj makes statement and gives hints. Inspector says the fight will be long and asks if they will also retreat like Paritosh and more. They all say no, and say they will fight. Anuj says he will fight till his last breath. Anupama, Vanraj and Anuj come back home to PS. Babu ji asks Anuj if he also went to PS. Anuj says yes. Baa gives water to Vanraj and Anupama. She doesn’t ask Anuj and keeps the glass on the table. Dimpy gives water to Anuj and tells that she said a lot to him that day and later she realized that it is not his fault.

She says we are angry that we didn’t stop Samar. She asks him not to feel guilty, as it is not his fault. Anupama has tears in her eyes. Babuji gives him water. She sees Anuj drinking water and drinks it. Anuj tells that he got his statement written and the inspector said that he will help us fully. Vanraj tells Dimpy that they will get justice for Samar. Dimpy thanks them and tells Anuj that he also has a family, but he is not afraid. Toshu says Samar lost his life because of him, and he is great and we have no respect to think about our family. Anuj says if you had thought about the family then PS would have come and not left the parents alone. Toshu asks him not to interfere in his family matter.

Anupama asks which family it was, whose elder son and daughter-in-law had come back and their daughter and son-in-law were so scared that they did not come out. She tells that Anuj is fighting for Samar’s justice, while you are hiding in the house scared. She says that after facing so much hatred, anger and insult, he is fighting for Samar because he has truth and courage. Toshu says this is acting so please forgive him. Vanraj asks him to keep quiet. Toshu says papa…you are also supporting her.

Vanraj says I agree that if Anuj had not started the fight then maybe this would not have happened and maybe Samar would have been alive today. He says maybe I could not forgive Anuj, but I am saying maybe… He says it is not so, that today Anuj was there in PS along with my son and daughter. He asks if my son will come back if I blame them, and says the police is asking for evidence, where to get it from, while my family has refused to give a statement. He says, when I close my eyes I see my son soaked in blood.

He says I feel helpless and I won’t be able to live in peace if I can’t get him justice. Anupama asks him to calm down. Vanraj says I couldn’t protect my family and can’t save my son. He says I thought I am not a bad father, but if I can’t get justice for my son then I am a bad father. He tells Kanha ji not to make any father helpless otherwise father will also break down like him and 100 will die due to his helplessness. Suddenly his breathing becomes heavy and Samar’s death appears before his eyes. He falls unconscious. Everyone is surprised.

Precap: Vanraj tells that he will ruin Suresh Rathod’s life and world. Suresh asks Vanraj to withdraw the case. Vanraj gets angry and holds his neck. Suresh screams for help and smiles as someone records the incident. Anupama tries to force Vanraj to leave her.


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