Imlie 15th October 2023 Written Update

Imlie 15th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Imlie 15th October 2023 episode starts with Imlie tells Agastya that he can put a price on her helplessness, but he cannot put a price on her self-respect. She says that she is not a bird who will get trapped in his net and will somehow arrange money for her loved ones. Agastya says loved ones whom she was trying to rob. Imlie says money is not everything, he is not an orphan until his family is with him and she doesn’t want to lose him.

She says she won’t marry him for money and won’t let him abuse her compulsion, so he can go his way and she will go her way. Agastya says he will pay whatever amount she bids. Imlie remembers that she needed money for Ashu’s treatment. Agastya wonders if he misunderstood the girl this time, is his self-respect still alive. Imlie says she will marry him with one condition. Agastya thinks for at least 2 minutes, he should have proved her wrong; He is right that she can do anything for money. Imlie says she will do fake marriage with him for money.

Agastya tells Imlie that she was talking about self-respect, but she killed it for money like always. He tells the inspector that he withdraws his complaint against Imlie. The police leaves. Agastya asks when she was ready to marry for money, then why was she doing so. Imlie continues her heavy dialogue and asks why he wants to marry her. Agastya says it is not his job, he will pay her for each day she stays with him. He says let us go and get married now.

Imlie thinks she has to go and pay for Ashu’s treatment and says she can’t do that right now. Agastya thinks if he doesn’t return home in 1 hour, grandma will transfer the business in Sonali’s name. The family became worried when Agastya was nowhere to be found at home and office. Sonali tells Alka that Agastya has run away from her wedding and if he does not return soon, Dadi will transfer the business in his name. Alka says Agastya will not run away so easily, he is ready to do something.

Imlie asks for kindness from Agastya. He gives him Rs 5000. She demands Rs 5 lakh. Agastya refuses and says that he will pay him every day. Imlie says she can’t wait till the drama ends and she wants all the money immediately. Agastya transfers money to mother. Imlie calls mother and asks if she got the money. Mother says yes, if he has done something wrong then how did he get 5 lakhs. Imlie disconnects the call.

Agastya says let’s go now and drags her away. Sonali tells Dadi that Agastya always behaves strangely, first he did not care about the investment of 10 crores and fired a chef, then he wanted to talk to Noyonika alone, and now he is missing from their wedding. Is. Johari goes to them and asks Dadi to call Agastya as Muhurat is coming. Manno says Agastya’s sherwani was tight and he had gone to fix it. Govind says he will sing a song till then. Manno asks Dadi to let him sing till Agastya returns. Govind sang Dhadkan song..

Agastya takes Imlie to the sub-registrar’s office. Imlie asks why so much drama for fake marriage. Agastya says it is fake for him and not for his family, his lawyer has arranged a court marriage and takes him to the lawyer. The family keeps waiting for him. Amrit calls the inspector and learns that Agastya has withdrawn his complaint against Imlie, he is afraid if Agastya hears the recording of Imlie and her voice.

Dadda told mother that Imlie would have to pay a huge amount to get Rs 5 lakh. Bulbul and Mami think that Imlie might have trapped some rich man, they will find out who he is. They try to question the mother, but the mother shoos them away. The lawyer asks Agastya and Imlie to sign the form soon as the office will close at 5 pm. Imlie signs the form and thinks she has to tolerate Agastya because of her compulsion.

Precap: Agastya garlands Imlie with money and says she married for money. Imlie tries to stop her from applying vermillion on her hair. Imlie stops him and says she will not let him apply holy vermillion in her hair. The vermilion falls on her hair line.


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