Barsatein 10th October 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 10th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today’s Barsatein 10th October 2023 episode starts with  Aradhana coming to meet Jai. She says sorry, because of me you and Reyansh had a fight and you left the office. Jai says okay, I am fine, don’t worry. She complains about Reyansh. He says you were also at fault, Reyansh is right, we can’t be afraid. She says I am not afraid of anyone, I know it is a big duty for a journalist to bring out news, I did this for Kimaya, she has already gone through a lot, sorry, I won’t tell you the whole matter.

Could tell, but trust me. Jai says I won’t ask you anything, I m sure there must be some bigger reason, Reyansh is also right, he does anything for Kimaya, he said love and morality is important for him, maybe he chose his morality instead of love. Chosen, he is courageous but sometimes he can be rude. He holds her hand. She thinks I wanted her to choose love. She says you both are different. He says he is my friend, forgive him for my sake. She says ok, tell him I have forgiven him. She feeds him soup. Kriti and Akash look at them. Kriti brainwashes Aradhana against her.

She thinks of putting Aradhana down in front of everyone. Reyaansh gets the cupcake and asks Kriti to eat it. She goes. He says Kriti takes care of Jai. Akash says yes. Reyansh says someone has planned this accident, blackmailers have done this, I was pressurized to stop this story. Akash says we have to do something. Reyansh says maybe Aradhana was right, I should not have done that story. He walks in and makes fun of Aradhana for not trusting him.

Aradhana says you should be happy that I am taking care of your friend. Jai says stop fighting, remember my promise. Reyansh gets a call from Vivek. He tells about Jai’s accident. Vivek says I talked to Malini. Aradhana says I will bring your medicines. Vivek says Malini wanted to talk about you and Aradhana, I think Aradhana has forgiven you. Reyaansh asks what are you saying, I will talk to Aradhana, I don’t want any confusion. Vivek says open your heart to get love. Reyansh thinks maybe this is my second chance.

He asks what did you talk to dad. Reyansh and Aradhana argue. She says I promised Jai, I won’t trouble you, he is small, because he is not like you. Kriti says Vikram got cupcake for Kimaya. Malini asks Kimaya to forget everything and make a fresh start. Kimaya is worried. Malini says I have seen Vikram, he takes great care of Kimaya.

Kimaya sends message to Aradhana. Reyansh says you told Jai and my father that you have forgiven me, are you playing with my heart. Aradhana says yes, I have forgiven you. He thanks him. Jai thinks about Aradhana and smiles. He says thanks Aradhana…

Its morning, Aradhana says Beena has gone out of the office, now I have to handle the office and cafe. He gets Beena’s message. Reyansh comes there. Malini takes care of Viren. He asks why did Aradhana stop the news, I saw, you were nervous, tell me, are you hiding something. She says Aradhana did this for us and our daughters, it was a big favor. He asks him to tell the matter.

She says I promise, I don’t know, we are fine now, it was going to be a big thing, because of Aradhana we got saved, she came as an angel in our lives. Kriti listens to him. Viren says yes, she takes care of Kimaya. Kriti thinks they think you are good, I will reveal your truth. Aradhana asks what are you doing here? Reyansh says customer is king, will you talk like this. He says I will help you make the cake, if I make it good will you kiss the chef, come, come with me. Aradhana thinks I don’t know what is the destination of our relationship.

Jai says I like Aradhana. Aradhana is with Reyansh. Malini and Kimaya come to the bakery and look shocked.


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