Kavya 10th October 2023 Written Episode

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Today’s Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 10th October 2023 episode starts with Jaideep who says your dad talked to me, he loves you a lot, he said he wants to see you win gold medal in this course, concentrate on the course for his sake. He asks all OTs to go inside the bus. Kavya comes to her room. She finds the trek memo and thinks it was dropped here.

Adhiraj calls Malini and says tell your husband to stay away from me, I will not go to Basant Khedi. She says he thinks of you. She explains to him. He remembers Kavya’s words. He says she says the same. Jaideep says we can’t wait for anyone. Sanjeev says Kavya is coming. Kavya runs to catch the bus. Adhiraj sees her and goes to give her hand. Kavya catches the bus. Dil yeh ziddi hai… drama… He says you always reach everywhere. She says I didn’t learn to stay behind.

They reach the trekking site and see the mountains. Kavya says how will I do this. Ms. Sinha says you have to complete it on time, the one who proves to be a good team player will win, Tiger Point is the destination. Kavya gets captain arm band. She says I am the captain. Adhiraj says our captain should be like Kavya. Kavya asks if I can change my team mates.

Adhiraj says I am singing your praises. Ms. Sinha says best wishes. Kavya asks Adhiraj to keep track of time. She asks Payal to take the compass. Karan says we will win, Anusha, you are already the winner. They go. A man comes to Giriraj and says your plan worked, Adi has sworn that he will not let the Basant Khedi project work. Giriraj says I know her, she is a jinn, I have to rub the lamp to get her out, the mantra is to put an obstacle in her way, we will get Basant Khedi hospital land. The boy says papa, Adi will sink that project.

Giriraj laughs and says I want that. Adhiraj and Kavya get tired. Adhiraj says that women should be ahead of men. Sanjeev is right. Kavya asks Adhiraj to come. Team Red wins by reaching base camp first. Ms. Sinha says, well done, Kavya. Jaideep comes. Ms. Sinha praises Kavya. Jaideep says it was first base, it was easy. Adhiraj asks why is this director angry with you. Karan comes with his team. Ms. Sinha says that two OTs are missing. Everyone sits down. Jaideep says I read your presentations of Basant Khedi, you can present it here, then we will decide who has to go and who doesn’t, we will start with Anusha. Anusha gives a presentation.

Kavya gets tensed. Anusha tells about the doctors who were disgraced after a medical scam. Jaideep looks at Kavya. Karan continued the presentation. Everyone tells about Navya. Jaideep says Kavya, you are looking unwell, we will listen to your presentation, come. Kavya says I think the wounds will heal when the closed hospital reopens. Jaideep asked the names of the doctors. Kavya says that the suspended doctor was an intern and the senior doctor has already fled. He asks her to tell him the name of the doctors. Kavya tells the name. Adhiraj looks on.

Jaideep thanks Kavya and asks her to sit on his seat. Karan asks if she was your relative. Adhiraj jokes on Karan. Jaideep asks Adhiraj to come. Adhiraj says I am waiting for Basant Khedi, everyone has already told a lot. Payal comes to give presentation. She says I have a news, they thought after killing the kids they would be saved, see what the villagers did with them. Kavya is shocked to see Navya in the clip. Navya would cry and beg.

She says trust us, we did not kill your children. People blackened Navya’s face. Kavya cries. Ms Sinha says get ready for the next leg of this trek. Jaideep says you can go back, you are not looking well. Kavya says no, I have become more determined now, this is a betrayal of my father, myself, my dreams and goals, my guru will feel ashamed, going to Basant Khedi is a small step for me to get those doctors justice. This is a small step, if I get scared, it will be an incomplete chapter of my life. He looks at her.
Jaideep attacks Kavya’s weakness. Kavya recalls Navya’s incident and cries. She falls down the cliff and screams.


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