Barsatein 11th October 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 11th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barsatein 11th October 2023 episode starts with  Aradhana and Reyansh arguing. He says I will preheat the oven, you break the eggs, I will help you. She asks did you ever go to kitchen, what did you make. He says something wonderful. Komal asks Kriti what she is waiting for. Kriti says mind your own business. Komal says she has become serious, she has taken a U-turn. Malini says she is getting sensible. Viren says we know whom she is waiting for.

Doorbell rings. they laughed. Kriti goes and checks the door. Akash comes and asks what happened, I have come in package deal with Jai. Jai comes and welcomes him. Reyansh got an electric shock. Aradhana gets scared and drops the eggs. Reyansh says I am hurt. She slips. He catches him. Hey Sajna…plays…Jai says I drank vegetable soup in the morning. Malini asks Viren to learn from Jai. Akash says Viren will never grow old. They have a conversation. Kriti thinks he can take Aradhana’s name. Reyansh says first fix my hand. Aradhana says you fix it now.

Kriti asks Jai to come with her. Jai wins. Kimaya is sad. Malini asks him to come. She asks are you fine, did you take medicine. Kimaya says yes, I will be fine and fine. Malini asks will you tell me if there is something. Kimaya says I am fine. Reyansh removes Aradhana’s hair from her face. She applies ointment on his hand. She says you are a strange man, a cartoon should be made on you, I told you about oven connected. He says you are really a super woman, who always supported me in bad times and showed me light. She says you pushed me into darkness.

Jai asks where is Aradhana. Kriti is right, she helps Beena in her free time, she is there, she loves cooking, baking, you just want to talk to her. Jai says I mean I am going to marry her. She says sorry, so you really like her. He says I mean if she says yes. She says she is shy, she won’t say anything. He says yes, I like Aradhana a lot, her simplicity, helpful nature. She asks do you like something about me? He says I think you are a brat. She laughs.

She says everyone thinks alike. He says, I am also sure that many people like you. She says yes, except the ones I like. He says I will call and come. he goes She says that I have realized one thing that I will not let anyone get what is not mine. Reyansh pulls Aradhana closer. She gets a call from Jai. Aradhana gets the job of making cakes. Kimaya asks if Jai is gone. Kriti asks what happened, you look worried. Kimaya says no, I am fine.

Kriti asks him to go ahead. She says your future is as sweet as the cupcakes sent by Vikram, go to the office and talk to him. Kimaya says no, I thought of going and meeting Aradhana. Kriti got angry. She thinks I don’t want you to come close to Aradhana. She asks Malini to go with Kimaya.

Kriti says please go. Malini says yes. Kriti says that Beena had called Aradhana and Vikram for some work. Malini says understood, we will go. They go. Kriti says mom go, you see how Aradhana is becoming a hindrance in our path. Reyansh and Aradhana make cake. My paths…plays…

Reyansh and Aradhana play with dough and laugh. She says don’t touch me. He says ok. They’re having a moment. He picks up a tissue from the box to clean her face. You are the one…plays…she turns. He says let’s bake a cake. Kimaya messages Aradhana and asks her not to tell anything in front of Malini. Malini says if you are not well then you can rest. Kimaya says Aradhana…Malini calms her down. She says Vikram and Aradhana handled everything on time, you got saved. Kimaya hugs him.

Reyansh and Aradhana made a beautiful cake. He says it is ready, we have made this cake for ourselves. She says it is for order. He says this is for us, look love is written on it. Malini and Kimaya reach café. Aradhana says Beena said this cake is for order. Reyansh and Aradhana argue. He eats cake. Aradhana gets angry and says you spoiled the cake. He says I can eat poison for you, if possible then stop me. She attacks the cake and asks him to eat it now. He refused. He stops him. Malini and Kimaya come there and see.

Reyansh says we both are in love. Jai says yes. Jai hears Aradhana saying that she likes Jai. Vivek talks to Viren about Aradhana.



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