Kavya 11th October 2023 Written Episode

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Today’s Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 11th October 2023 episode starts with Kavya asking Payal to come with the team, else she will be left behind. She runs towards some forest area. She holds onto a tree and balances herself. She remembers Navya and cries. She falls down. She hangs herself on a tree and screams. Adhiraj calls him.

She screams for help…he sees her and runs to help her. He asks her to stop. He approaches her, and asks her to give him his hand. He says don’t look good, breathe, give me your hand, look at me. She holds his hand. He tries to pull it. He also falls and gets injured. She says please go, you will also bow down because of me. He says give me your hand. She says no, please go. He asks her to come now. Karan and everyone come. They bring ropes and help Adhiraj and Kavya to come up.

Adhiraj pulls Kavya up. She falls on top of him and asks are you okay. He asks what happened, something happened that made you lose your balance. She says my foot slipped, what else will happen. He says you were going to die. She says I am fine, forget it. He asks why do you like playing with danger? She says thanks for saving me. Ambulance arrives. Kavya asks Adhiraj are you fine. He asks what do you eat, start dieting from tomorrow. They go in the ambulance. Jaideep says, get a complete checkup done, also get a trauma test done.

The doctor says he may have a fracture in his hand. Kavya says no, I have to go to class. Jaideep says I want his report. Kavya asks Adhiraj if he has broken something. Adhiraj works. He asks the nurse to save Kavya, she will save the country. Kavya says I was going to say sorry. He says everyone has a little trauma, don’t worry, I won’t die, what was happening today, I have been seeing it from day one, why does the director get personal, do you know him. Jaideep comes and asks how are you feeling now. Adhiraj is right. Kavya nodded. The doctor asked Adhiraj to take an X-ray. Adhiraj goes. Jaideep asks Kavya are you fine, are you hurt, don’t get up. Kavya says no, thanks for taking good care of me. He says you are my responsibility, I mean every student is my responsibility, don’t worry about class, rest well.

Kavya says I will be fine. He says you want to go to Basant Khedi, you are stubborn. She says, no, this is my passion. He says I know. He blesses him. She smiles He says please take care of yourself, take complete rest. he goes Payal says that our team reached the camp first. Anusha says that it was a big accident. Payal says we are all fine. Anusha says you are amazing. Payal says I am not from a rich family. Karan says that Kavya’s marks will be deducted. Adhiraj hears them and says I am an injured warrior, clap for me. they smile. They get the news video clip.

Anjali sees the news and asks Rajiv to see Kavya. Anusha says who released this news. Karan asks who has made this video. Kavya gets a call from her parents. She says I am fine. Anjali says I can’t lose you, I have already lost a daughter.

Kavya says I am fine, I will call back. Rajeev asks Anjali to calm down. Anjali says I think about that terrible scene. He remembers Navya’s death. Rajiv says we will go and meet Kavya. He asks Mayank to bring the ticket. Mayank asks why Kavya fell, Jaideep is doing this. Media reporters come to interview him. Shubh and Gauri watch the news. Gauri says it is Kavya’s mistake, now Jaideep will be interrogated. Shubh says nothing will happen to dad, calm down.

Jaideep gets a call from his senior. Ms Sinha shows the news. Jaideep is worried. He asks who shot this video and leaked it. He looks at Kavya and everyone. He gets Gauri’s call. Gauri asks if Kavya has made this video, what do you think. Jaideep says Gauri rest. She says this girl is going to burn our house. He says, I said, calm down, I will handle everything. Mayank says you ask Jaideep Thakur about this, he is responsible for this accident. Kavya looks at Jaideep.

Jaideep says Kavya has risked her life and that of others, she cannot be mentally fit. Kavya goes for mental evaluation. Jaideep got the report.

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