Barsatein 12th October 2023 Written Episode

Barsatein 12th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today’s Barsatein 12th October 2023 episode starts with Aradhana saying sorry. Kimaya says they fight like children. Reyansh says I ordered this cake for Kimaya, I am a customer, customer is always right, Kimaya likes rainbow. Malini says they are children, if Beena comes, she will do tandav. Aradhana says yes, I will make the cake again. Reyaansh says sorry, I will convince him. Viren and Akash have drinks. Jai says Malini is not at home, so you are taking advantage of it. Viren says Malini doesn’t understand.

Akash says my wife is very strict. Viren says we will stop. Jai says let me ask him. Akash says Jai will plan it and propose her. Jai says don’t embarrass me, I will ask her and tell her, there is someone else too. Viren asks who. Aradhana makes the cake again. Reyansh says don’t spoil it. He teases her. She gets a call from Jai. Jai asks if we will settle in this city. Reyansh says yes, I also like this city. Jai says I will get a big bungalow in front of your house, our kids will play football. Reyansh asks did you ask the girl. Jai says yes, she doesn’t say anything. Kriti says papa is calling, Jai. Jay signs off for two minutes. He says she doesn’t meet me alone. Reyansh says Kimaya and Aradhana are here. He asks Aradhana if Jai should ask about marriage.

Aradhna says yes, he is a good boy, he is cute, I like him, no girl will refuse him. Reyansh says you are popular among girls, Jai. Jai gets happy and ends the call. Reyansh says make it well. Malini smiles seeing them. She says I know how to make cakes, I will do it. Aradhana says Reyaansh has spoiled the cake. Malini asks them to keep quiet. She makes cakes. Reyansh thinks I wanted to see you happy with your mother, you should get a family, I think I have succeeded. He takes coffee for Kimaya. He asks her not to be afraid. He asks her to smile.

Kimaya says every smile has a price, if you make me smile then I may have to pay a big price. He says I won’t let you lose, smile. Kimaya says that life has defeated me. He says life is afraid of me, don’t talk about defeat, have coffee. Aradhana looks at the report. She thinks Malini can see it. Kriti thinks Aradhana, see what I do next. She goes to Viren and says I have to do some small talk, talk to Vikram’s family about Kimaya’s marriage, invite them home, Kimaya is with Vikram. He jokes.

She calls Vivek. She behaves like Malini and asks Vivek to talk to Viren. Viren talks to Vivek about the children’s future. Vivek says because of you my son feels like home there, thanks. Viren says my daughter is also doing well now. Vivek says you are such loving people, you have accepted Aradhana, my son is lucky to be joining it now. Viren says yes, ever since Aradhana came here, we feel she is like our daughter, Malini is very fond of her. Malini shows the cake. Reyansh asks will I try. Malini says no, this cake is for Jai. Kimaya says I am also worried for Jai, give cake to Jai, I want him to have stomach ache. He takes Kimaya with him.

Malini sees Aradhana and asks if something is going on between Vikram and you. Aradhana says no, he is like my brother-in-law, my best friend and he… no, he is my boss. Malini says sorry for asking this. Aradhana thinks I am also worried about Kimaya. Malini says we will pack cake for Jai. Viren asks when are you coming to finalize the conversation. Vivek says I am happy if the kids agree. Kriti takes the call and says I am Kriti, don’t worry, Aradhana is like my sister. Vivek says I am very happy, I will talk to Vikram and come back. Kriti says I think wedding processions will come to this house. Viren says I think Vikram tells everything, Vivek also knows about Aradhana. She says oh, okay. She thinks everyone must know Aradhana very well.

Morning comes, Aradhana messages Kimaya. Vikram says I heard you are doing this story, Reyansh said this. She asks why. He says both of you fight and work for each other. She says I don’t do anything for you. He says you have been nominated for best reporter. He defends Reyansh. She says that is bad, I don’t work for rewards. Jai comes there and says Reyansh and I are happy with your work, we have a launch party this week. He gives the bouquet to Aradhana. She asks did you tell my name? He says I just gave a suggestion, you are fully entitled to it. She says you look good, are you okay. He says yes, did anyone talk to you.

she says That’s what everyone talks to me about. He asks did anyone say about us? She says yes. He asks what do you want to say? She says I have a surprise for you. Reyansh comes. Aradhana says this cake is for you. Jai says you both have made it. Aradhana says no, I have made this, this perfect cake is for a perfect person. Reyansh says I will have it too, sharing is caring. Jai cuts the cake and feeds it to Reyansh and Aradhana. Aradhana thinks Jai is very sensitive and Reyansh is strange. She smiles seeing Reyansh. Jai smiles seeing her.

Reyansh comes to her and asks her to smile. She taunts him. They start arguing. He says Jai said you said yes. She says I made a mistake, I said yes, so yes. He says you can refuse. She says my yes is yes, go now. He says I am sitting far away. She says if Jai had not said then I would not have forgiven you. He says he loves me very much. She says everyone makes mistakes. he goes Jai gets a gift and note from Aradhana. He smiles. Kriti thinks I have kept a gift for Jai in the name of Aradhana.

Jai shows the ring to Aradhana. Reyansh gets a call from the hospital. Malini scolds Aradhana. Reyansh asks Aradhana whose child is this. She slaps him.

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