Katha Ankahee 12th October 2023 Written Episode

Katha Ankahee 12th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 12th October 2023

Today’s Katha Ankahee 12th October 2023 episode starts with Katha comes to Falguni’s apartment to drop Aarav. He was sleeping. She leaves a side note. Falguni wants her to stay for breakfast, Katha has to reach yoga center, she will come back for lunch. Katha asks Falguni to send Aarav to school on time.

As Katha prepares for yoga class, the kids enter the studio, tired and sleepy, reluctant to do yoga. Katha tries to cheer them up, asking them to choose their yoga mat. One of the boys requests his mother. The mother tells Katha that her son has become aggressive. Katha assured that yoga would help them, redirecting their energy on the right path.

The story begins, children find yoga boring. A boy wants to sleep, a boy finds video games entertaining and yoga boring. The story motivates them, yoga helps to focus the mind well and win in video games. The children were surprised to know that Katha plays the video song. Katha plays a song, children start following her instructions in doing yoga exercises. She nails some poses, after the session Katha talks to her about video gaming. Katha likes to win, a girl says she likes to be the center of attention, a boy likes his character and superpowers. One of the boys plays whenever he is angry, he can do whatever he wants in the game. Children ask why Katha is questioning them. Katha wants to know her generation better.

In the car, Katha listens to a video in which a man is telling that children are no different from adults. Children express their feelings, but are sensitive to emotional pain; to protect themselves, children build a wall around themselves.
Katha reaches her colleagues at her workplace who are eagerly waiting for her. They tell that everything is wrong, the sellers are not picking up the phone. Katha wants them to relax, because they know the problem is, it’s time to find a solution. After praising the narrative talents, another co-worker complained about the lack of resources to meet customer needs.

He tells that the decorations have arrived, the delivery man’s number is unreachable, only 6 hours are left for the event to start. Katha talks to her customer, he attacks Katha until she offers to make him a new decor piece. Katha’s team is quite adept at doing this. The man agrees, his respect depends on the story. He wonders how the story brings this peace within himself. Katha remembers shouting at Viaan while ending her conversation with him. The narrative preaches a calm state of mind to handle external chaos. Katha starts working with her team. She paints glass, reliving her memories with Viaan. The client approves the final result, he or she wants the narrative to sign off. Falguni calls Katha.

Aarav stands with a bat, emotionless like a child crying for his bicycle. The woman complains about this to Falguni.

Katha comes to Aarav’s house playing video games. She asks why he broke his friends’ bicycle. Aarav refuses to accept him as a friend. The story assures that there must be a reason. Aarav calls him a liar, he speaks ill of his bicycle, Aarav gets angry because everyone was accepting that lie as truth. Aarav will no longer tolerate anyone’s lies. The narrative questions whether whatever the lie was, it was not worth it. Aarav should talk to Katha first. Aarav questions, she never tells him the truth. Katha asks why is she worried about the child lying, why does it bother her. Aarav cannot tolerate that someone behaves well at first and later turns out to be a bad person.
Aarav will punish all those who lie.

Falguni comes to Kata in distress, tells that Aarav’s condition is improving, he used to not talk but Katha brought him out of it. Katha shouldn’t worry, giving up is not her style. Katha is worried as Aarav is struggling internally, he is angry at everyone for betraying him. Katha tries her best to save her son from this trouble. Makes catechu tea. Falguni tells that everything was chaotic before her arrival, everything will become normal once she returns. Katha sees a magazine which has Viaan’s face on it.Viaan is singing a song for other cell mates in jail. Viaan refreshed his memories with the story.

Precap: Viaan can’t sleep, his memory is not letting him sleep. Katha is convinced that Viaan is missing her. Aarav asks when Viaan will return. Katha talks to Viaan, tells him that Aarav needs her, she can’t handle him alone. Viaan will return in two days.

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