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Barsatein 13th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barsatein 13th November 2023 episode starts with Viren seeing everyone crying in the hospital, a month after Kimaya’s death. Aradhana takes care of Viren and Malini. Jai lives with Aradhana to take care of her. Devotion sees. Malini cries and imagines Kimaya. Aradhana is in Malini’s lap. Kriti starts crying after seeing him. Jai wipes Aradhana’s tears. Bhakti brings tea for worship. She says its been more than a month, no one has seen Reyansh around. Aradhana says it would be better if he doesn’t show his face to them, I wish Viren gets well.

They bring Viren home. Bhakti asks Aradhana to take care of herself. She says you have kept the honor of my upbringing, come home, your dad and I… Aradhna says your love gives me courage.Bhakti says Malini hasn’t accepted you yet, and I don’t think Viren will ever be able to accept you. Aradhana says I can’t leave them. Bhakti says come home with us, we miss you a lot. She cries. Aradhana consoles him.

Kriti thinks Aradhana has no shame, she should have left from here. She says I will go and get dad’s medicines. She leaves. She drives the car and cries. She says I hate you Aradhana, you have snatched Kimaya from me, I will ruin you. Reyansh fights in the boxing ring. He remembers Jai’s words. She lies to him about Aradhana. She says I did a mistake by telling the truth to Kimaya, Jai reached there first, he was there. Reyansh says Jai is my friend, he is too young for me, you are lying. She says Aradhana doesn’t want you.

He says no, she just loves me. She says no, Reyansh, he was behind Aradhana, I feel so bad for you, Aradhana and Jai played a game with you, they killed Kimaya, you went to jail, we got hurt. Reyaansh says no, Aradhana can never love Jai. She says Jai loves Aradhana, he did this and we lost Kimaya. He says I will not leave her for this. FB is over. He recalls Kimaya’s death. He gets beaten. He remembers Aradhana’s words. The mind plays with the witch Halla Halla…

Jai calms Viren down. Viren says someone has taken out the heart from my chest. Aradhana brings a glass of juice for him. He says I will take it later. he goes Jai says Viren won’t be able to come to office, we have to handle all the work. Kriti asks till when will you punish yourself, Jai is wrong, try to understand, it is true. Reyaansh says Aradhana can’t do this. She says I showed you the house, Jai took it in Aradhana and her name, watch this video, Jai proposed Aradhana. He says worship is mine only.

She says just come and see, what Jai and Aradhna are doing, they are happy, we are burning here, if you believe in love, claim your love, join the office. He says your father will not allow me. She says he is completely broken, you have to come and take your love from Jai. Reyansh angrily fights with the rival and wins. He leaves. Beena sees Aradhana sleeping. She asks did you eat anything? Aradhana says Bhakti went to Delhi. Beena says I know, how long will you deny her for Malini’s sake. Aradhana says I am lucky that I got love from three mothers, Malini needs me right now, I can’t leave her. She lies to sleep. Reyansh comes to meet him.

He says Jai did this, he told the truth to Kimaya. She asks who told you this. He says your sister, Kriti told me. She says go away, else I will call the police. He says I will tell them I love you, we will go back to Delhi, we will get married and be happy, you saved my father’s life, I realized how much I love you, you are my everything, I found nothing in the way of hatred. She says I can never settle down with you.

Reyaansh asks Beena about Aradhana. He sees Aradhana hugging Jai. he gets angry.

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