kumkum Bhagya 13th November 2023 Written Update

kumkum Bhagya 13th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya  episode starts with Jasbir asking the manager about the name of the catering agency, after which the manager tells him about Kumkum Bhagya.Just then, Jasbir remembers the incident when Purvi slapped him while misbehaving with him.However, when he leaves the venue he takes the mashaal (burning lamp) with him, but is stopped by the priest, who asks Jasbir to come back to continue lighting the lamp.

Jasbir tells the priest how no event can happen without his presence and forces the manager to think of a solution.The priest asks her to calm down and announces the aarti will start in the next 10 minutes while Purvi and Diya get excited about the puja.Suddenly Purvi is stopped by a vendor who needs help and Prachi offers her help, but Purvi assures her of her presence and asks her to leave.Elsewhere, RV and his cousin explore the venue, when suddenly they encounter the Tandon family, leading to Vishakha taunting RV for throwing her and Purvi out of her office.

RV questions the Tandon family if Purvi arranged the event, at which point Vishakha tells him about her family business, Kumkum Bhagya Catering Services.RV’s cousin tries to flirt with Diya but she warns him about his advances.On the other hand, Purvi helps the seller when the seller asks her for nitrogen oxide due to which Purvi has to go to the storage room and investigate.Just then, Jasbir sees Purvi running away and decides to chase her, while Purvi is busy searching for the luggage.

She turns off the lights in the store as he starts harassing her and asks if he can come inside, which makes Purvi worried.Furthermore, he compliments Purvi’s beauty and reminds her of the incident when he slapped her and talks about her engagement being fixed with a teacher.As he comes closer to her, Purvi starts trembling anxiously and asks him to break her engagement, forcing him to tell everyone that she is breaking her engagement with her fiancé while Purvi stands still. Lives.

Elsewhere, RV gets a call when he panics and asks his cousin to complete the inauguration as soon as possible.RV tells him about KK coming to Mumbai while they both curse KK (Ranbir) for his mind games and calls him a player.Meanwhile, Ranbir is on his flight when he hears the air hostess calling his colleague Prachi who immediately catches his attention.He recalls the moment when everyone was performing his last rites while Prachi stood stunned after losing him.

Furthermore, he gets emotional about this and presses his heart thinking about Prachi’s presence, while Prachi moves towards the pandal feeling uneasy.Suddenly, her hair line fills with red color as the priest brings a plate of colors in front of the fan, mistakenly when the priest calls it auspicious.Diya makes eye contact with RV’s cousin when he smiles at her, leaving Diya wondering about Purvi’s whereabouts.Elsewhere, Purvi threatens Jasbir to stay away from her or she will scream when he asks her to scream as much as possible and also shout at him for asking for help.Meanwhile, RV asks the priest to leave early for the inauguration and asks for the burning lamp, when the manager informs them about Jasbir having the lamp.

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Q1. where to watch Kumkum Bhagya

ANS. You can watch Kumkum Bhagya online on ZEE5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

Q1. Kumkum Bhagya upcoming story



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