Barsatein 16th October 2023 Written Episode

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Barsatein16th October 2023 episode starts withReyaansh insulting Aradhana. She slaps him. He says if you kill me the truth won’t change, you are going to be the mother of someone’s child. She slaps and scolds him again. She says you are sick, your thinking is bad. He asks her to answer who that woman is. She asks what? He says don’t be so nice, this is the limit, tell me, whom are you helping now, Kimaya? She says don’t tell this to anyone. He says so Kimaya.

She asks didn’t you doubt me. He says never, you thought I would go crazy and doubt you, I am not the same man, someone has changed me. She says I can’t believe it, Kimaya didn’t tell anything to Malini. He says this is not Kimaya’s mistake but Angad’s mistake, I am with you, stop crying, I will bring coffee for you, let’s go. She hugs him and says sorry. He says everyone is watching us, come. They go.

Aradhana sits and cries and recalls Malini’s words. He says you have done a good job. She says I have hurt Malini a lot, I am left alone. He says no, you have done a good job. She says Kimaya is still there. He says Malini is with him, she will protect him. She cries. He says stop being helpless, you are very strong. She says it’s not her fault. He says yes, we always blame the girls, the boy is also wrong, no one is telling Angad, Malini has no right to say this, you did a lot for Kimaya, look at me, you ruined my thinking. Changed, you will change Malini also, she will not hate you, no one can hate you but will only love you. She hugs him.

Its morning, Reyansh thinks about Aradhana and smiles. Kriti looks on and thinks Vikram, your destiny is with Kimaya. She does shayari and says congratulations, dad talked to your dad. Aradhana comes to meet Jai. He says we did not go for shopping. She says everything is fine now, I have brought this for you. He says you take care of me, do I like you. She says you are good. She smiles Kriti says all four of us will get married, you-Aradhana, Jai and me, I have brought flowers and food for Jai.

Reyaansh says Aradhana and my love is complicated. She says but there is love, I will go, stay calm till the official announcement. She goes. Reyaansh thinks Aradhana, I love you. Aradhana says Reyansh has changed a lot, maybe everything becomes better when he is with you. Jai says stop fighting with him. She asks him for cookies. He says take me for shopping. She says Kriti is the best, go with her. He says just so you can help, come with me. They go. Kriti looks on and thinks I hate you Aradhana.

Jai shows Aradhana his dream house. She says wow Jai, this is very cute. He says exactly like you. She suggests. He smiles. She says I always wanted a room full of books, like the one in Vivek’s house. He smiles seeing her. You are becoming mine… drama… Jai asks can I ask you something. She asks what? He gets the ring. Kriti and Reyansh come. She says this is not fair Jai, you left us and came here. Reyansh asks what are you doing here. Kriti asks did you get Aradhana here as she is good with accommodation.

Reyansh asks if you are going to buy this house, ask your future wife. Kriti says he is asking so that both of you can buy a house close by. Jai says yes, our children should play together. Reyansh jokes. Kriti thinks Aradhana, the last step will be mine, they both will hate you.

Malini sees Aradhana and gets angry. She asks Kimaya to go and sit with Viren. Aradhana apologizes. Kimaya says don’t punish Aradhana. Reyaansh comes and says Aradhana, don’t hold Kimaya’s hand, I will hold it, does Malini have any problem now. He says Aradhana and I saved Kimaya’s life, there is an unbreakable bond between us, you can’t stop us, Malini ji, I know everything. Malini asks what? He says I know Kimaya is a very good girl, she has suffered a lot, I know she has a loving mother and family, friends like Aradhana, her sorrows will end. He asks Kimaya not to cry. He hugs her.

Kimaya says I want to die. Aradhana says you won’t say that. Reyansh says a stupid man cheated you, that’s why you want to die. Malini says we don’t want to hide anything from you. Reyansh says nothing is hidden, I know she is pregnant. Malini and Kimaya are shocked. Reyaansh says so what, it is not a big deal, no one defamed the boy who got her pregnant, everyone is saying Kimya, don’t punish her, Malini ji. He says Kimaya you don’t need Angad, mother’s love is special, lucky people get it, I didn’t get my mother’s love I will have to take permission from the secretary to meet my mother, Kimaya will love her child, it is only Kimaya’s child, not Angad’s child. Malini says your thinking is good, but defamation… Reyaansh says don’t talk about that animal, he left Kimaya, it is not Kimaya’s fault. Malini asks who will hold her hand. He says I will catch it. Aradhana looks at him.

Reyansh and Aradhana danced in the party. Viren gets shocked seeing some videos… Vivek says Kadambari, congratulations, Reyansh’s marriage is fixed.

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