Barsatein 26th October 2023 Written Episode

Barsatein 26th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barsatein 26th October 2023 episode starts with  Reyaansh scolding Aradhana. He says I will get married and have two kids, let’s see how my marriage will be, I have followed you for a long time, its enough, you said Khanna family is rich, this girl is perfect for me. He cries. He says Kadambari doesn’t love me and dad, you are also a stone hearted woman. He talks about Kadambari and Viren.

He says he is happy here, and my father is yearning for love, I will take revenge. She asks who are you talking about, you got to know about your mother’s past. He says you are a heartbroken hope, and my mother and that man… He holds Aradhana. Malini looks at them and thinks I won’t let Aradhana snatch away Kimaya’s happiness.

Reyansh argues with Aradhana. He says I love you and I will always love you, bye… you come… pretends… he leaves. They both cry. After 3 hours, Viren is listening to Kadambari’s song and drinking. Reyansh comes and asks won’t you let me drink. Viren asks him to have a drink. Reyansh says library is good, we will listen songs.

Viren says I have a good collection. Reyansh says Kadambari Devi is my mother, I wish I had told you this earlier then you would have told her that you are a big fan of hers. Viren says no. Reyansh says you have her records, you were her fan and also her lover, let’s play some music. He plays Lag Ja Gale song… He says I don’t know why mum talks about separation, papa is always with her, were you that lover who always followed her. Viren gets tensed.

Reyansh says this is strange, old lover’s new son in law. He breaks a glass. He says I will come, you are looking sad. he goes Aradhana looks for Reyansh. Vikram asks what is Reyansh’s problem. She says it happened because of me. He says he loves you, he has done this engagement out of anger or revenge. She says I can understand why he did it. Reyansh plays the drum. He says my mother wanted me to become a big singer, but the truth has bitten me, it is for my mother.

He sings today…sees our conscience. Viren also sings and watches Kadambari. Vivek stops Reyansh. Kadambari says forgive me. Vivek asks what drama is this. Reyansh asks how do you keep so much happiness on your face. He hugs Vivek and says Kadambari has decided to divorce you. Vivek asks if he told you, that’s why you are doing this.

Reyaansh says this is you and me, why did you hide it. Vivek says you loved Aradhana and today… what are you doing? Reyansh says I am getting married. he goes Vivek goes to Kadambari and says this is happening because of you, you told Reyansh that you have decided to divorce me, what was the need to tell him this. She says that divorce is not the reason for whatever she did.

She thinks I can’t tell her about Viren. Vivek says I will divorce you, my lawyer will send you the papers tomorrow, there is no place for you in my house now. He leaves. She cries. Aradhana looks on. She thinks Reyansh has vented out this anger to ruin her life, he will ruin Kimaya and our lives too. She looks at Reyansh and cries.

Kadambari meets Vivek. Reyansh says I want to show that man what is the meaning of life without life, Viren will cry for his daughter. Kadambari asks Aradhana to stop Reyansh.

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