Katha Ankahee 26th October 2023 Written Episode

Katha Ankahee 26th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 26th October 2023

Today’s episode of Katha Ankahee 26th October 2023 starts withKatha sits near Aarav and starts working on her laptop.After opening the door Raghav secretly checks if anyone is around or not, Katha gets a little suspicious but then ends the idea, meanwhile Raghav welcomes Viaan to the house. Viaan praises Raghav, saying that he has a beautiful house, who has more of a poetic spirit than a doctor, Raghav says that he is a very different kind of doctor as he believes in treatment rather than cure.

Viaan agrees saying that it is more important, he requests Raghav to tell him more about his partner and asks if he has fallen in love again, Viaan says sorry. Demands that it was really personal, Raghav shows his engagement ring to Viaan hearing which Viaan cannot control himself and screams but then apologizes, Viaan says he feels like the healing is complete. , Raghav tells that he is very hearty and happy.

Viaan asks why then Raghav likes his poems as they are supposed to take him back to the same place, Raghav tells that his poems are for an indefinite period of time as they are full of pain which is timeless, Viaan asks Raghav. As to when he is going to get married, Raghav smiles and says that it has not been decided but they will do so very soon. Viaan asks if they can meet to which Raghav agrees but after looking at the time tells that it is too late but Viaan can meet him anytime as she lives here

Katha walks out of the room when she sees Raghav pouring the wife’s glass, she goes to her when Raghav gets shocked and asks if she is still awake, Katha gets surprised to see her, Raghav Says he waited for her so now she is waiting. He says she doesn’t say that but is really romantic. Katha asks if he was talking to himself because he thought there was someone else, Raghav puts the glass down but apologizes saying he never drinks so much but had very good company today, Katha asks.

Did he have any friend when Raghav answers very important friend, Viaan is very stressed looking at the mirror, Katha asks if he needs anything else, Raghav replies that he already got what he needed. So what more could he ask for, she gets a little confused when she says it’s a very bad time. Requests him to go and sleep.

Katha is going on when she sees someone washing her face but she doesn’t realize that it is Viaan, she goes away. When Viaan thinks as if she has seen Katha she immediately goes out to investigate. Wondering if it is the alcohol or love because he only sees her everywhere, Viaan goes back to sit on the sofa with Raghav, who once again gives him another glass but Viaan replies that he Does not drink alcohol and looks at him again,

Raghav asks where did he see him, Viaan mentions in the bathroom then Raghav then explains he should not drink it, Raghav himself drinks it seeing which Viaan starts laughing, Raghav explains that that’s what friends are for and he feels they should only drink until it brings them peace. Raghav says he knows it’s a very bad time but Viaan tells Raghav no. Knowing how much peace he has felt today and that there is something very positive about Raghav, he replies that he has also felt the same about him, Viaan gets up which worries Raghav when he requests. That Viaan should stay for the night but he insists. While leaving, Raghav asks if he would also go if they were old friends and Viaan starts laughing, both Raghav and Viaan go to the guest room.

In the morning Katha is instructing everyone to do good yoga after which Katha asks them to come for healthy breakfast, Vikram asks Katha to explain to Pari as she breathes very deep and she feels a big The train engine is coming towards him. Pari agrees with Raghav’s daughter and says that’s why she has made bitter gourd juice for him,

Vikram asks why they don’t poison him so easily, Katha asks them to have breakfast while Pari gives him breakfast. Is. Aarav asks Katha if Raghav uncle is not coming. Pari aunty replies that he has come back very late with his friend so is resting, Raghav’s daughter prays that he should become the poet uncle of the program hearing which Katha gets worried, Pari aunty asks that he What are you thinking? Katha says that she will come back after checking on them.

Katha goes near the guest room when she is shocked to hear Viaan’s voice, so she slowly enters the room and finds the poem playing in Viaan’s voice on the tape recorder. Raghav comes out of the bathroom after completing the poem when he asks if Katha wouldn’t like to meet his friend who came with him last night, he says that he never thought they could become friends with someone so quickly. Raghav asks Katha to come as they have to meet him, and Ruhi also gets very excited but Katha asks Raghav to go while she will bring the guest otherwise it will ruin Ruhi’s surprise so Raghav agrees.


Katha is walking in the hallway and thinking about the romantic moments spent with Viaan and how they came closer to each other, she slowly starts taking deep breaths before entering the guest room. Katha finds no one in the room but just a note saying that she is much better than him, that fraudster, saying that he has to go due to some work. Katha angrily tears the note with tears in her eyes.

Raghav is on a call while Aarav is sitting when Raghav calls Aarav and asks why he doesn’t play fighting games, Aarav says he doesn’t feel like it, and so Raghav asks why he doesn’t want to kill anything. Why doesn’t he feel like it, Aarav says that his mother told him that he should start counting and he won’t be able to do it till three o’clock, but now it has reached a hundred, Aarav tells that he told all three of them Seen enjoying a lot, Raghav mentions that now they will make it a reality, so Aarav says it, they both promise. Katha listening to their conversation from the corner thinks that four broken souls have come together to form a beautiful family but if it breaks again everything will be ruined, Katha thinks that it is only her past that will ruin everything. Can, she apologizes to Raghav. Telling the truth but thinks she has to hide it for him.

Viaan and Ahsaan enter the office when the entire staff welcomes them, Jeetu Bhai also hugs Viaan and explains that this office is incomplete without him, Ahsaan says that he too was incomplete without his brother, he While he leaves with Jeetu Bhai, Viaan stands near the staircase and starts remembering all the moments spent with Katha.

Precap: Katha is sitting with her employee who asks if Katha can’t see that she loves Viaan which she is shocked to hear. Viaan and Ahsan are also sitting on the table near him, seeing Katha sitting next to him, Viaan cannot believe his eyes.

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