Barsatein 29th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 29th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barsatein 29th November 2023 episode starts with a man giving a phone to Reyansh. Aradhana is feeling dizzy. The man asks him to go and wash his face. Aradhana went to the washroom. He takes her phone. FB is over. Reyansh asks did you put too much medicine. The man says no, it is light. Reyansh messaged Jai from Aradhana’s phone… I will reach on time for the sangeet. Aradhana checks the door and says how did it get locked. She knocks the door. She screams for help.

She says did Abdul lock me, where is my phone, did Reyansh send it, I m so stupid, how can I leave my phone outside. Reyansh says you are shouting a lot. She asks did you lock me here, how dare you. He says if you call police I will take care, I will open the door, just listen to me. She screams for help. He says listen to me once, I want to say something, trust me, I know Jai is a good guy, any girl will be happy with him, but you are my destiny, you love me. We all know this, why are we repeating the mistakes of our parents.

Neeta says we will go to market, I have not eaten any fresh sweets. Jai says you are saying as if you have come to some village, today is my sangeet, have you forgotten. She says I am happy for you but I can’t do this. He says Aradhana is a good girl, she will keep the family happy. She says she has shaken Reyaansh, I want good for you, Aradhana is not right for you, Reyaansh will not leave her. He says Reyansh is sweet at heart, he will get upset but will understand later.

She says let it be as you wish and help me in choosing the clothes. He takes her. Reyansh says I never thought that I will find love. Aradhana cries. He says you are the first girl who saw the real Reyansh Lamba. He confesses his feelings. He says if you go I will lose myself. Rondi akhiyaan…drama…he says you decide it, you are hurting me.

She says I don’t love you Reyansh, I have no sympathy for you, I loved you before too, but Kimaya’s death has ended it. He plays songs and says this is our love tune. She recalls her old moment. He asks why are you crying? She says this is not your love, its stubbornness, I am also stubborn, open the door. She hits the door and gets injured. Reyansh opens the door and asks what happened. He sees the wound on her hand. Neeta asks Akash if this is some new ritual that the girl did not come. Devotion comes.

Akash says she will come. Neeta says yes, your daughter in law is very smart. Bhakti says she will come, eat sweets. Jai asks Jagriti to play some song. Neeta says no, tilak will happen first. Jai asks Varun to start singing. Kriti comes and welcomes. Reyansh takes care of Aradhana. She says stop bothering me and go away from my life. He asks him for water. She says no, water will not help me. She asks for chocolate. Reyansh asks her for coffee and muffin.

She says there is insulin in my bag. He asks him to eat it first. Malini asks what are you doing here. Kriti says I came to see how the sangeet happens without the bride, she is in another sangeet ceremony. Bhakti asks where. At Reyansh’s house, Kriti says, he has called rich people there, the bride has gone there, sorry, check social media, Jai. Jagriti asks him to leave.

Kriti argues. Jai asks him to leave. Neeta says stop it Jai, sorry Kiki, tell us where is our future daughter-in-law. Kriti smiled. Reyansh gets the bag and says I don’t touch the girl’s bag. Aradhana says you have entered my life and bedroom, what’s the problem in checking my bag, I need insulin. He gives him insulin injection. He feeds her chocolate. She says I want to go home, take me home. You are the one…plays…

Jai says no need to trust her, she is lying. Neeta asks really call Aradhana and see. Jai calls Aradhana and says that her phone is switched off. Kriti asks them to come with her. They all go to Reyansh’s sangeet. Reyansh finds Aradhana there. Everyone is surprised.

Jai asks what is all this. Reyaansh says she is fine now, I saved her. Jai scolds him and raises his hand. Aradhana stops Jai. She says everyone is watching, this is our music. Neeta scolds him. Aradhana says no one will go anywhere, this is Jai and my music. She takes the drum and says no one can stop me from enjoying in my wedding, I will sing and dance. She plays the drum.

The person says that Reyansh has bought the entire society. Reyaansh says I did this for our love Aradhana. Aradhana scolds him.

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