Kavya 29th November 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 29th November 2023 Episode starts with Gauri asking Anjali to go and tell the truth to Rajeev. She says Shubh loves Kavya, he can do anything for her happiness. Shubh makes Rajeev wear his slippers. Anjali looks on and cries. Gauri says think carefully once. Anjali goes to Rajeev. She looks at Shubh and Kavya. Kavya asks what happened. Anjali asks him to bring some water. Kavya goes and brings water. Anjali drinks it. She says I am fine. Gauri indicated auspicious. Mayank asks Adi where are you going. Adi says find my lost respect, did you find it anywhere.

Mayank asks if Shubh said anything. Adi says I will be insulted if I come here, your sister has become blind, can’t she see that Shubh is a disgusting man, she will marry him and repent. He asks who said this. He says she said yes to marry him. Mayank says she went to your house to say sorry. Adi asks why, tell me. Mayank says he came to know about the letter, you signed it.

Kavya asks the doctor about Jaideep. He says he is stable, but not out of danger. She asks if I can meet her for 2 minutes. She goes. He stops Gauri to talk. Kavya sits and holds Jaideep’s hand. She talks to him. He becomes alert. He says I am not just your guru, you are like my daughter, I will always want your happiness. Gauri comes. Kavya says always bless me, scold me, show me the way, never go away from me. She cries. Adi asks what did you say? Mayank says no, I swear, she found it out herself, she was very happy, she went to your house in the morning, she is not going to marry Shubh, she likes someone else. Adi asks who.

Mayank jokes about him. Adi smiles and says listen, Kavya said this, its okay. Mayank asks him to go and ask him. Adi hugged him. He goes to Kavya. Jaideep promises Kavya.He says I want you to be my daughter-in-law. Kavya is surprised. Gauri says please say yes, Kavya. She folds her hands. Kavya says uncle, if I stay as your daughter then… Jaideep says if this was the last moment of my life then I would want you to become my daughter-in-law. Adi comes there and sees.

Gauri says please say yes. Kavya says I will come. she goes out. Naina…plays…she looks at Adi. Adi thinks nothing is impossible for you, you will not take wrong decisions. She thinks what should I do? He thinks choose me. Anjali comes there and sees them sitting far away and smiling. The man finds Kavya’s family photo. He says I met someone else.

Adi signals Kavya to do what feels right to her heart. Kavya wonders if the heart is saying two things. Adi says goodbye to him. She smiles Gauri comes there. She says Jaideep is calling you and asking you what you have thought. Kavya goes to Jaideep.

Adi and Mayank look on. Jaideep says that I want the decision to be in my favor. Shubh says yes, family’s happiness is his happiness. Gauri asks Kavya to leave. Rajeev says take some time and think, Kavya. Gauri says I understand the life of an IAS officer, we are with Kavya. Adi becomes stressed. The man comes to the hospital.

Jaideep says wait, Kavya always thought for our happiness, I am sure she will not let me down. He asks what do you want, tell me. The man says I have to tell Shubh’s truth to Kavya. Anjali asks Kavya to express her feelings.

Kavya says you asked me for Guru Dakshina before, I chose my duty and today I chose my family and your happiness. Adi cries. Shubh smiled. Gauri says I am very happy. She makes Kavya wear bangles. Kavya smiles and goes out. Mayank cries and says I don’t understand what he did. Adi says he kept Guru Dharma, go to him. he goes

Shubh scolded the watchman. The man tells the truth to Kavya. Kavya scolds Shubh. Shubh threatened him.

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