Barsatein 2nd October 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 2nd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today’s Barsatein 2nd October 2023 episode starts with Malini saying I don’t like anyone calling me Mimi. Reyansh says Aradhana also likes sugar free coffee, I have to go, there is a party at Khanna’s house tonight. He leaves. Everyone meets at Khanna House. Viren asks Jai to have a drink. Reyansh says I will take it. Aradhana thinks of talking to Reyansh. She goes to Reyansh. He asks if you are worried or have any stress. She asks what do you know about Malini.

That says everything you know, why. he goes Viren and Akash see Jai and Kriti talking. Viren says I have raised my daughters with love. Akash says let your wife handle it, its all luck, Jai likes your daughter. Kriti becomes happy. Kimaya meets Reyansh. Kriti teases Kimaya. Kimaya says my big dream is broken, don’t let me dream again. Kriti says Angad and Vikram are different. Kimaya says this house needs two good sons-in-law. Kriti joked with Komal.

Jai praises Reyansh. Aradhana thinks Reyaansh is troubling me. The light goes out. Aradhana cries and argues with Reyansh. She asks him to leave her alone. He says you are torturing yourself, find your mother when you have come here to find her. She says let me handle it in my own way, don’t tell anyone.

She asks what if I tell her the truth, will everyone accept me, will we live like a happy family, no. Jai wanders in the dark. He bumps into someone. He asks did you feel hurt, sorry, since I came here, I wanted to talk to you. Kriti becomes happy. Jai says I don’t put pressure on anyone. She thinks Jai is going to propose me, I will record it on phone. She records the video. He says ever since I met you…he misses Aradhana. He says I think about you, you are special. Aradhana says when I see Malini loving and protecting her daughters, I have no place left in her world, I mean nothing to her. Reyansh says ok, rest. Jai says I know your mom loves you a lot, if you are not ready then tell me, I love you a lot Aradhana. Kriti is shocked.

Jai says I like everything about you, am I saying a lot. Kriti cries. He says I really like you, I want to marry you, if you say yes then… Kriti goes. Jai calls Aradhana. Aradhana says you said you will hide my secret, why are you doing this. Reyansh says I know how it feels to live without a mother. She says I agree with the love I get from Malini. He says you have to fight for it, tell Malini about it.

Kriti says why does Jai love Aradhana, I love her, that boring Aradhana… Reyaansh says don’t act like beggars. Aradhana says yes, I am a beggar, I am in this condition because of you, I had everything, you snatched everything from me. He says I promise, I will love you always, you have the right on this love. They embrace. He says I really love you. Kriti says who is Aradhana after all. She is shocked to see Reyansh and Aradhana hugging. She says this time Kimaya’s heart won’t break, Aradhna is trapping both the people, I won’t let Kimaya’s life get ruined, I will throw Aradhna out, Jai will marry me and Vikram will marry Kimaya.

Aradhana says I will not be fooled again. Reyansh says if you don’t tell him then I will tell the truth to Malini. She asks why. He says I will become bad for you, you have 24 hours, if you say no then I will. he goes She cries. Jai says we will play Antakshari. Kriti looks at Aradhana. She says Jai, Vikram, Kimaya and I are in a team. They play Antakshari.

Jai says I like her. Aradhana is with Reyansh. He leaves her and asks her not to be late, its a special day. Aradhana falls into Jai’s arms. Reyansh shouts Aradhana.


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