Barsatein 6th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 6th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barsatein 6th November 2023 episode starts with Malini and her daughters dancing. Reyansh talks to Jai. He says everyone here wants love, treat them sweetly and they will melt. Jai says it would be better if you don’t become philosophical, go and tell them the truth. Reyansh asks won’t you tell them, you don’t love Kiki, right, why are you marrying her, tell me, have you fallen in love with someone else. Jai recalls Aradhana. Reyansh says love is the root of all problems.

Jai asks how do you know? Reyansh says I can see it, I am not blind. Jai says no, you are blind and deaf. Kriti asks Jai to come and dance. Jai says no need to act, Reyansh knows I don’t love you, so let it be. Reyaansh says okay Kiki, I will explain to her. Viren brings Aradhana home. Kriti asks Reyansh to solve this problem first. Kimaya asks Malini to ask Aradhana to leave. Malini gets angry and asks Viren to come with her.

When Malini doesn’t agree, Reyansh asks if you convinced Viren. Aradhana says no one believed me, you are a liar and poisonous, I told the truth to Viren. Reyansh says I want to see Viren begging, thanks. he goes Malini says you don’t know about Aradhana and Reyansh. Viren says everyone has a past, don’t blame Aradhana. She says I want to protect Kimaya, Aradhana was planning to stop this marriage. He says relax, don’t talk about it, we have deleted that MMS, Reyansh was also involved in it. She says I don’t want to talk about this.

Aradhana gets lost in thought. Viren says now everything is in your hands. Reyaansh says so Aradhana told you everything. Viren says yes. Reyansh says no one can stop this marriage, if I go then Kimaya will come after me, she loves me, like my mother became helpless because of your love, my mother was once my mother and my father’s wife. It did not work, now your daughter has won. I will listen to you. Viren and Reyansh look at Kimaya. Viren says I didn’t break anyone’s family, I never looked back towards Kadambari, how wrong am I.

Reyansh says she was there where you left her, you can settle accounts with her. He is embarrassed. Reyansh behaves sweetly towards her and writes his name on her hands. Viren asks Kimaya are you happy. She says yes. He says you will never be an outsider to me, this house will always be yours, I will always protect you. She says don’t be negative, I feel lucky to have found Reyansh, I am so happy, I would have killed myself without him. He says no, don’t think like that, your happiness means a lot to me. He messages Aradhana… Kimaya will not listen, now everything is on you. Reyansh gets haldi. Kadambari comes to apply turmeric. He stops him and taunts him.

Viren finds Kimaya there. Reyansh says you got late, I thought you won’t get Kimaya. Kimaya says no chance, I was waiting, I would have run away with you. Kriti asks Kimaya to do kalire rasam. Viren messages Aradhana… talk to Malini. Kimaya says the buds are not falling. Kriti gets angry and breaks the kalire. She says the next marriage is mine. Jai says it is not necessary to force everything. Malini asks Kimaya to sit for haldi.

Aradhana asks Malini to listen to her once. Malini says you want to tell me about Viren and Kadambari’s affair, Reyansh wants to take revenge from Viren. Aradhana says no, I wanted to tell about myself. Malini says Reyaansh told me everything, you went crazy about him, you did the same with Mayank, you think you are right, you think these stories are true, will you say that you You are my daughter. Aradhana asks if Reyaansh told you this.

Malini remembers Reyaansh telling her about his desperation to stop Aradhana’s marriage. Malini says every move of yours has flopped, Kimaya will get married, get out now, this is my last warning. She goes. Aradhana gets a call. She says I need your help, I can’t do this alone. Kriti argues with Aradhana. Jai applies turmeric on Aradhana’s face. Kriti got angry. Jai asks Kriti to be polite. Kriti asks Jai how dare you… She gets angry and pours turmeric on his clothes. Aradhana is worried.

Reyansh says you will become my wife. Kimaya smiles. Jai says I love you Aradhana…Malini says I will not leave this girl, she is ruining the lives of both my daughters. Vivek argues with Reyansh. He says I have to die. He jumps into the lake. Reyansh shouts Papa.

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