Bhagya Lakshmi 12th November 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Bhagya Lakshmi 12th November 2023 episode starts with  Neelam stopping Rishi and says Lakshmi will not come here. Virendra says you asked Lakshmi and Rishi to come. Grandma asks what happened? The goon comes to Oberoi mansion, calls Raja and tells him that he has found them. He asks her to come. Virendra and Dadi ask Neelam to come. Mukesh brings aarti. Neelam says you both have returned home from death, Lakshmi is the daughter-in-law of the house so Aarti will be the first thing for the house entry.

She performs aarti for them and asks them to come inside. Malishka gets worried. Neelam asks Rishi to bring her inside. Ayush tells Rishi that he will take him inside. Rishi asks Ayush to wake up Lakshmi. Ayush picks up Lakshmi, and says welcome Bhabhi and takes her to the room. Raja and the goons come to the Oberoi mansion, and look at the house. The king says that now he will burn their pyre in his house. Rishi gets emotional and hugs Neelam. He cries. Neelam also became emotional. She asks how is he? Rishi says I am in front of you. Neelam says you are in front of me because I called you, and says I asked you to go, and you went, and says you should have come back and stayed here, and says this Should have insisted that he stay here. She says you don’t care about me.

Rishi says you don’t know how much I missed you and was thinking about you. He says I was weak without you and missed you a lot. He says it seems like it was not my destiny to be with you. Neelam says this can never happen, a child is a part of its mother and that part can never be separated from its mother. She asks him not to leave from there and to stay with her forever. Rishi says how can I go now, you told me the formula. He says whenever you ask me to go, I will hold your hand and tell you not to ask me to go. they smile. Rishi touched Virendra’s feet. Virendra says you are your mother’s loving son, because you have come on your mother’s advice, not on my advice. Rishi says you don’t know what you mean to me, I love you, but a little less than mother.

Rishi then touches Dadi’s feet and hugs her and takes her blessings. After this he hugs Karishma. Karishma asks how are you? Rishi says he is fine. Karishma says good to see you safe. Rishi says I am back because of your blessings. Virendra says that too with Lakshmi. Ayush comes there. Rishi says he is lucky to have a brother like him and thanks him for his help. Ayush says he will cry. He says after this I won’t help, and asks if our relationship depends on thanks. He says where there is Rishi and Lakshmi, there is Ayush. Rishi along with Shalu and Bani say yes. Grandma is happy. Rishi says he wants to share an important thing with all of them.

Raja shares his plan with the goons and says that his name will not be ruined. Ayush decorated the house for Karva Chauth. Raja and his goons come there. Ayush asked the king, are you mad? You have come here. The king says that he has come to settle the score. Ayush fights them, but they place a knife on his neck. The king asks where are the girl and the boy? Ayush refused to say. Raja says the knife will go through your neck. Ayush says this. Raja asks the goon to take him there and check whether Rishi and Lakshmi are there or not.

Ayush went with him and then beat him and locked him in the room. Raja tells that I had said that he will use his brain, I will not leave him. Rishi comes there and sees the goons and catches one of the goons and makes him unconscious. Raja and two more goons go after Ayush. Raja asks the goons to free the locked goon. Rishi puts a rope around Raja’s neck and fights him. Ayush also fights with him.

Mukesh and Virendra came there and beat him too. Ayush and Mukesh tie up Raja and his goons. Rishi says it is good that you came here, otherwise they would have tracked you down from anywhere and got you hanged. The king says he can’t do anything. Rishi says I don’t take law in my hands, else I would have hanged you on the chandelier right here. He says you have ruined many girls’ lives and wanted to sell Lakshmi. He says I saw your goon watching us and that is why we laid this trap for you. Virendra says police is also coming here. Inspector comes there and thanks Virendra, says because of him a dangerous criminal has been caught. Virendra says because of my son. Rishi asks the inspector to ensure that he gets death sentence. The inspector assured that he could not come out of the jail and left with them. All the women come there. They are happy that the criminals were caught. Dadi says but that girl has not been caught yet. Virendra says I don’t think she will come here.

Karishma tells that they Will prepare for the meal and tells that Neelam is hungry since yesterday. Virendra asks him for something. Neelam says it is her fast and she will not break it. Virendra suggests that they should get Rishi and Lakshmi married again as Neelam and Karishma did not attend their wedding and he attended it as Lakshmi’s father. Ayush likes Virendra’s idea and asks Neelam to tell it. Dadi tells Neelam that she has not blessed them yet. Neelam says she hasn’t blessed them yet, and she will bless them. She regrets doing wrong to Rishi. Malishka thinks that now Lakshmi will live in this house as queen and I will be evicted.

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