Meet 12th November 2023 Written Update

Meet 12th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Meet 12th November 2023 Episode starts with Sumeet recalls Pankhuri coming out of the medical store and thinks that she was scared when she was coming out of the store. Sumeet goes to the medical store and asks the pharmacy staff to show him the CCTV footage of a particular day.

Raj and Pankhuri are making a promise to each other, which makes Priyanka cry. In the footage, Sumeet sees Pankhuri buying hallucination pills. Shopkeepers say that these pills cause memory loss when consumed. Realizing how Pankhuri made Raj unconscious, Sumeet plans to confront her.

Returning home, Sumeet finds Raj and Pankhuri fulfilling their vows. Suddenly, the media enters and questions Raj about the financial troubles and losses of the company. Sumeet calls Raj and advises him to go together to expose Pankhuri. Raj admitted to financial difficulties, claiming bankruptcy and debts. Despite this, he tells Pankhuri that they can face responsibilities together, hoping for her true love.

Shlok insists on continuing with the ritual, saying that Pankhuri is not marrying for money but for respect. Pankhuri hesitates considering Raj’s financial situation. As Raj is about to apply vermillion to Pankhuri, she throws his hand away, expressing her reluctance. Pankhuri reveals that she does not want to marry Raj, she regrets throwing Sarthak out of her life with false allegations.

Sumeet intervenes and exposes Pankhuri’s tricks, which include making Raj unconscious and blaming Sarthak for recording Priyanka’s video. Priyanka slaps Pankhuri and Sarthak apologizes to Sumeet for failing to reveal the truth earlier. When the family questions Pankhuri’s actions, Poonam points out that the relationship is deteriorating due to money.

Dadi and Poonam accept their misunderstanding and apologize to Raj and Sarthak. Shlok feels guilty for his harsh words to Sumeet because of Pankhuri. Raj expresses his gratitude to Sumeet for taking care of him and Priyanka also thanks Sumeet. Raj and Priyanka get married at the same pavilion. Shlok wonders if Sumeet will forgive him.

Shlok apologizes to Sumeet for his behavior in front of everyone. Sumeet forgives him and hugs him.Sumeet says to Shlok, you know I want to be like my mother and now I feel that my destiny is taking me on her path. Shlok gets a call and gets worried. Sumeet asks him what happened.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Meet

ANS. You can watch Meet online on ZEE5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

Q1. Meet upcoming story

ANS. Shagun instructs the goons to burn Shlok’s house.
Shlok busy with Sakshi.Seeing the fire, Sumit tries to reach Shlok along with other family members

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