Imlie 14th October 2023 Written Update

Imlie 14th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Imlie 14th October 2023 episode starts with Agastya hears Jugnu asking the servant to make tamarind/imli chutney for breakfast and thinks only the bar girl Imli can get him out of his problem. Amrit asks Imlie if she misses him so much that she is calling from the police station. Imlie says she has run away from the police station and threatens to give him the money. Amrit says that he never wanted to give her money and just wanted to humiliate her in front of the entire village.

Imlie threatens him that she now has the recording of his confession and if he does not bring the money to the hospital she will give it to the police. Amrit gets upset over Sonali overhearing their conversation and disconnects the call. Sonali asks him if he was talking to her sister-in-law. Amrit gets tensed. She says she means her NGO and asks him to get ready soon and join her downstairs. Amrit says that he will make just one call and will never touch the mobile the whole day. Sonali agrees and leaves. Amrit calls the inspector and threatens him to catch Imlie soon and recover a fake recording from her as she just blackmailed him over the phone for money.

Bulbul snatches the phone from Imlie. The phone broke during their fight. Imlie cries that she has lost the evidence against Amrit and now she can’t snatch the money from him. Pallo returns. Bulbul says Imlie has stolen her phone and she is falsely accusing her. Pallo ties Imlie to a pillar and asks Bulbul to handle Bunty. Bulbul scares Bunty with firewood, Bunty sits down saying that they are doing wrong to Imlie.

Agastya reaches the police station and tells the inspector that he wants to meet Imlie. Inspector says Imlie ran away. Agastya asks how can he set a criminal free in an attempt to murder case and warns him to catch him soon otherwise he will complain against him. Inspector asks the constable what is so special in Imlie that both brother-in-law and brother-in-law are after her.

Mama returns home and frees Imlie. Imlie asks if Ashu is fine. Mother says he is alive and subconsciously calling his Imma. Imlie reaches the hospital and sees Ashu lying on the floor. She takes him in her lap and talks to him emotionally. Ashu asks her to sing lullaby for him. Imlie sings the song Chandaniya Chup Jaana Re.., remembering consoling Ashu with the same song when he was a child.

The doctor goes to him and asks him to pay 5 lakhs for Ashu’s treatment otherwise they can’t even let Ashu lie on the stretcher as per the hospital rules. Imlie requests him to do something. The doctor refused to help. Inspector reaches the hospital to arrest Imlie. Imlie requests him to convince the doctor to at least make Ashu lie down on the stretcher. The doctor agrees and signals the wardboy. Imlie pampers Ashu and leaves with the inspector in the police jeep.

The inspector saw Agastya driving fast towards the jeep and asked the constable to stop the jeep. Agastya applies the brakes in time, gets out of the car and tells the inspector that his car’s brakes had failed, but luckily he was able to control it with the handbrake. He notices Imlie and requests the inspector to let him talk to her for a minute. The inspector gives him permission.

Agastya takes her to a roadside temple and proposes a fake marriage with her for a few months in exchange for releasing her from the police case. Imlie is surprised to hear this and refuses. Agastya says he has no option. Imlie attacks him with her heavy-handed dialogues and refuses to marry him.

Precap: Agastya takes Imlie to the subregistrar’s office for the marriage. Imlie asks why is he creating fake marriage drama. Agastya says it is fake for him, not for the world and asks him to sign the papers.


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ANS. You can watch Imlie online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

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