Teri Meri Doriyaann 14th October 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 14th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Teri Meri Doriyaann 14 October 2023 episode starts with Brar receives calls from people who know him and asks if Angad really killed Sahiba. They decline to comment. Akal says he doesn’t believe that Angad can kill Sahiba. Jasleen says it is possible because they know how Sahiba and Angad fight, Sahiba gets upset hearing about Manveer’s announcement and Angad might have gone after her, Angad might have killed her during their heated argument. . Prabjot says that perhaps the journalists are right. Inder warns him to stop talking nonsense. Akal says he will never believe that Angad could kill Sahiba. Gurleen tries to console Sirat for losing her sister. Sirat thinks Angad can never kill Sahiba. Manveer asks Inder to bring his son back home.

Veer returns home and informs the family that he has seen Sahiba’s body and Angad is refusing to believe that it is Sahiba’s body. Jasleen says Angad is in denial mode and doesn’t want to accept that he has killed Sahiba, maybe he will realize it later. She thinks Gary suffered a lot because of Angad, now it’s her turn to take revenge. Angad requests the inspector to search for Sahiba as she is alive and the dead girl is not Sahiba. The inspector warns him to shut his mouth and sit in a corner, otherwise he knows how to shut his mouth. The family continues its principle. Jasleen taunts Sirat that her plan to marry Angad failed.

Ajit comes inside with Sirat and confronts Sirat for ruining Sahiba’s life by planning to marry Angad. He then accuses Brar of letting Angad kill Sahiba. Inder says that Sahiba was like his daughter and he would never believe that Angad could kill Sahiba. Akal tries to console Ajit. Kirat breaks down. Gurleen asks Sirat to console her sister. Kirat warns Sirat not to dare to come near him as Angad might have been accused of murdering Sahiba, but Sirat is the real murderer who had betrayed Angad to get rid of Sahiba.

Inder gets a message from his lawyer Mr. Dhillon that he has taken permission to meet Angad. Inder reaches the police station with Veer and Akaal and meets Angad along with Dhillon. Dhillon asked Angad whether he had met Sahiba and he had a heated argument with Sahiba. Angad says that Sahiba was not in her hostel room and that girl is not Sahiba, she has not killed Sahiba. Dhillon told him to tell the truth if he wanted bail. Angad is firm on his words. Dhillon went with Inder. Angad asks Veer to contact Shamim, a technical expert from his IT department, and find out Sahiba’s location. Veer leaves. Dhillon tells Inder and Akaal that he cannot get Angad’s bail because Angad was found at a murder scene. Akal asks him not to say that. They meet the inspector who says the same.

Akaal asks Inder not to tell Angad that he will not get bail. They meet Angad again. Akal remembers that he was at Angad’s place and Angad had promised him to get his bail at any cost. He tells Akal that he has now realized the pain of seeing a loved one behind bars. Inder says he loves her most in the world. Angad says that girl was not Sahiba and Sahiba is alive. Akal hopes so, but if God wants Angad to separate them, then he should accept it. Inder takes him from there. Angad thinks that until Sahiba is found, no one will trust him; Where Sahiba should be.

Precap: Angad escapes from the police. Rumi kidnaps Sahiba and says that both of them are now two bodies one soul.


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