Imlie 4th December 2023 Written Update

Imlie 4th December 2023  Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Imlie 4th December 2023 episode starts with Rajni telling Imlie that by accusing Karan, she has already hurt her so much that nothing she does will ease her pain.Agastya asks Jugnu to ask Annapurna about the lunch menu but is surprised to hear that Annapurna is sad and in her room.Meanwhile, Chutki tells Imlie not to come down during lunch to avoid any scene in front of Avinash and his family.

Meanwhile, Agastya comes to Annapurna to bring her out of her sadness.However, Annapurna tells him that by standing by Imlie yesterday and marrying a girl like her, he has defeated the wounds associated with his father, whom he lost at the hands of a greedy woman.Imlie overhears their conversation and is sad while Annapurna asks Agastya to leave as he has broken her heart.

Agastya comes out of the room disappointed and tired and starts crying while Imlie comes to console him.After a while, Agastya rejects her touch and takes her to his room.On the other hand, Avinash comes home and is confronted by Sonali who warns him not to ask about Imlie today.Meanwhile, Avinash tells Sonali about the promise made by Imlie to Navya and apologizes on her behalf.

Elsewhere, Agastya tells Imlie that she made a mistake by forgetting their agreement and his basic greed and thinks that she has qualities that he does not have.Agastya showers money on him and also gives him the keys to the locker so that he can withdraw as much money as he wants but stops playing with his family’s emotions.Imlie is shocked to find divorce papers among the things lying on the floor and questions Agastya about them.
Agastya tells her that their fake relationship will end after a month of Chutki’s marriage.

Just then Rajni calls Agastya as Navya has arrived while Agastya tells her to stay there till Navya is here.Later, Navya gives a diamond necklace to Rajni as a gift and also gives a box full of gold bangles to Chutki to wear in her wedding but the box is empty.Navya gets worried and tells them that those bangles are very expensive and are a family heirloom.Everyone starts searching for it when Alka tells Sonali that she suspects Imlie of stealing it.

After a while, Agastya comes to Imlie’s room along with Sonali, Alka, Shivani and Annapurna to search her room, which shocks Imlie and she tells them that she has not left the room.However, Alka taunts her for taking them because she is greedy for money which hurts Imlie and she asks Agastya to search the room.Meanwhile,… wanders around the house remembering his childhood memories when he sees Annapurna and Agastya coming out of Imlie’s room and wonders why they are blaming Imlie.

At the same time, Agastya tells Annapurna and others that the gold bangles are not in Imlie’s room.Later, Chutki accuses Imlie of creating problems in her wedding preparations, she tells her what Imlie has done for her.Meanwhile, Bulbul calls Karan to remind him about his promise to marry her.On the other hand, Chutki is shocked to hear this and she apologizes to Imlie for her harsh words.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Imlie

ANS. You can watch Imlie online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Imlie upcoming story

ANS. Amma ji is angry and wants to know the family details of the girl he is marrying.

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