Pandya Store 3rd December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 3rd December 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Pandya Store 3rd December 2023 episode starts with  Dhaval asking what are you saying. Natasha says I understand everything, Amrish will always be there to break the trust between us, he can’t be wrong for you, I am wrong, you have snatched everything from me, you have the guts to come back to me, Please forgive me. Do anything right, Pandya Store can’t come back. Suman and her grandson get caught in the rain while Pandya tries to choose the store’s goods. How can the mind understand…plays…

Chiku gets a call from Isha. He gets disconnected. Shesh says take his phone, he has cheated us, give him updates. Chiku gets angry and says don’t say even a single word more, else I will break your mouth, control your tongue, we have no relation with that family, not even with Natasha. Natasha asks Dhaval to leave. She became unconscious. Dhaval screams and calls the doctor. The doctor asked him to go out because his mental stress would increase further. He says his kidney is already swollen, try to understand. Dhaval says you will be fine, Natasha. He leaves. Chiku says don’t worry, I have understood everything. Dhaval comes there and sees Pandyas. He cries and recalls Natasha’s words. Natasha talks in her sleep. The doctor asked the nurse to examine Natasha. Amrish says that Bansi should be treated well. Hetal nodded. Dolly says everything looks delicious. Amrish says your father is very good. Isha thinks how to find out who Chiku and Suman are.

Bansi comes and hugs Amrish. Amrish welcomed him. Bansi asks where is Natasha. Amrish says she has gone out for some work, she will come, you are the first Samadhi to get respect in our house. Amba asks why Natasha hasn’t come yet, is this the lull before the storm. Hetal says I don’t know about him. Amrish asks him to serve food to Bansi.

Dhaval comes home angrily. Amba and everyone is shocked to see him. Amba asks how did you get hurt? Dhaval sees Bansi and gets angry. Dhaval threw the food. Everyone looks surprised. Dhaval asks Amrish how can you eat food with flute. He says you know what he did, he betrayed us and Dolly is also with him. Chirag asks him to stop it. Dhawal says that he has sent the file, it contained documents for demolishing Pandya store. Amrish thinks that Dhaval might know my truth. Dhawal asks why did you do this. He scolds Bansi for betraying them. He asks Bansi to say.

He caught hold of Bansi’s collar. He asks who gave you the right to interfere in our family. He says you don’t give importance to family. He pushes the flute. Bansi felt dizzy. he fainted. Chirag and Bhaven take her to the sofa. Dolly scolds Dhaval. Dhawal says his place is outside the house, not here. Chirag goes to slap Dhawal. Amba stopped him.

Chirag says you have gone mad, you have forgotten the rules of our house, you have raised hand on my father in law, did Amba and Amrish teach you this. Dolly says say sorry. Dhawal says never, he betrayed my family. Amba asks what did this girl do with my son. Dhawal says Natasha is in the hospital because of Bansi. Hetal asks what are you saying, is he fine. Dhawal says it doesn’t matter, Bansi is having food here, they don’t care, Pandya store got broken, look at your faces, no one is bothered here. Bhaven says a lot now, Pandya store was bound to collapse some day. Dhaval says we have been cheated.

He asks Amrish to tell everyone, Bansi betrayed us. Bansi asks why would he say this, nothing is hidden from him. Dhawal is surprised. Bansi says we are business partners, whatever I did for the betterment of my business, I told her everything before doing it, I have done my duty as a Samadhi, Natasha and your in-laws did this. Must have done, I have done that thing, I worried about Amrish’s business, I did it without hurting his honor, do you understand, Dhaval. Dhaval looks shocked. He asks Amrish to answer.

Amrish says that he did not do anything wrong by signing the papers. Dhawal says that if the store had not been demolished then it would not have been wrong to make changes in the mall. Amrish says this is not a joke, the shop had to be demolished. Dhawal says it means that you were supporting wrong by remaining silent.

Natasha packed her bag. Amba asks him to do a small work before leaving. Amrish says I told you, you can’t separate me and my brother. Dhawal says, this is the divorce file, Natasha. she is surprised.

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ANS. You can watch Pandya Store online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

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