Imlie 5th October 2023 Written Update

Imlie 5th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Imlie 5th October 2023 episode starts with Govind tells Agastya that Dadi is right that everyone’s efforts go into the family business and one wrong decision causes loss to everyone. He asks her not to worry as he will take the right decision. Agastya thinks that he has lost the deal of 10 crores today which he got because of Imlie, he has to keep his personal opinion aside and think about improving the business. Imlie sings Sheesha ho ya dil yo tutta hai… song in one go. Amrit enters the bar. The owner makes it. While singing, Imlie remembers that Agastya had insulted her. Amrit breaks the wine glass, goes to Imlie and tries to touch her. Imlie slaps him hard.

Agastya walks into the bar. Amrit is shocked to see her there and thinks now he has to handle the situation. He lies that he runs an NGO and helps helpless girls like Imlie, Imlie asked him for money for her nephew’s treatment and started blackmailing him emotionally and when she confronted him, he Slapped him. Imlie says he is lying.

Amrit shows the messages sent by him. Agastya asks the bar owner how can he keep such fraudsters in his bar and demands Imlie to be fired from the job. Imlie argues that she is innocent and lying. The bar owner says he should be grateful saying he did not lodge a police complaint, otherwise the bar would have been closed. He orders the bouncers to throw Imlie out of the bar. Amrit thinks that he will bring Imlie on the way and then abuse her.

Imlie’s friends and manager support Imlie. The owner threatens to throw them out too. The bouncers throw Imlie out of the bar and warn her to never return there. The manager and friends promise to support Imlie and not work at the bar. Imlie requests them not to leave their job for her as they have to take care of their family. After much pleading and blaming Agastya they agree. Imlie breaks down thinking about Ashu’s treatment and leaves from there.

Noyonika smiles while getting ready, remembering Agastya’s words. Sonali says that she is feeling shy after her engagement with Agastya. She says that Noyonika’s smile had disappeared after the miscarriage and she knew that only Agastya could bring a smile to her face. Noyonika thanks him. Sonali says that whenever she wants, he should help her to hide about her abortion. Noyonika promised him. Sonali thinks she will use her against Agastya. Agastya drives the car towards home with Amrit. Amrit asks why did he come to the bar.

Agastya thinks he can’t tell her that he came to re-appoint Imlie as a chef and is troubling Alka, so lies that he was passing by and saw Amrit entering the bar. Saw it and hence went after him. Amrit starts saying bad things about Imlie. He sees Imlie walking on the road playing flute and says think of a devil and the devil is here. Agastya moves his car towards Imlie. Imlie falls down to avoid the accident.

Pallo learns that Imlie has been fired from her job. Bulbul says Amrit must have met her in the bar and got her fired from her job. Pallo asks her to call Amrit and find out. Bulbul calls Amrit and asks what is he doing. Amrit says counting his fingerprints on her face and warns her to wait and see what he will do to her for betraying him.

Bulbul gets worried and asks Pallo what she will do now. Pallo says he grabbed money from her and she should face the consequences. Bulbul says it was her idea to rob Amrit. Pallo denies. Sonali overhears Amrit and asks who he was talking to and why he gave money to that woman. Amrit gets tensed.

Precap: Doctor asks Imlie to collect money as soon as possible for Ashu’s treatment as his condition is bad. Imlie thinks she lost her job because of Agastya, now Imlie has to pay for Agastya’s treatment.

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