Katha Ankahee 10th October 2023 Written Episode

Katha Ankahee 10th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 10th October 2023

Today’s Katha Ankahee10th October 2023 episode starts with Viaan stopped the story, he had heard the story the other day, even today he wanted the same thing from the story. Viaan loves her and cannot imagine his life without her. He has found happiness after so many days, he will not let her go, he becomes numb when Katha talks about separation, only death can separate them. Viaan knows he is under pressure, but together they can fight anything. Katha recalls Aarav’s reaction to a fake story. Katha refused. Viaan questions.

Mr. Grewal would rather shoot Viaan than Yuvraj. Questions of poetry and manners. Mr. Grewal tells Reet that Viaan is wrong. Mr. Grewal questions, Reet tells that Viaan did wrong with Katha, she is marrying him under pressure.Viaan knows that Maya is behind everything, Viaan will talk to Yuvraj. Teeji also knows, understands everything and is ready to fix it. Viaan hugs Katha, promising to handle everything, he cannot let her go this time.

Reet shows the video to Mr. Garewal and Kavita, telling them that Maya has found the proof. This video is the proof of his crime. Mr. Garewal remembers that Katha begged him for money for Aarav’s treatment. Mr. Grewal cried, blaming himself for everything, he had humiliated himself by leaving her alone as a father. Katha did this for her child, Mr. Garewal is guilty for this, Viaan remembers accepting his mistake first. Mr. Grewal gets angry at Viaan for breaking his trust.

Viaan accepts his mistake, Katha did everything for her son. Katha learns how much Viaan burns in his guilt and turns himself in. Viaan wants to change the past but it is not in his hands. Mr. Grewal questions Viaan, saying he is not worthy of having a son. Katha loved Viaan, Mr. Garewal now wants to take Viaan’s life. Viaan and Katha ask them to calm down.

Viaan admits his mistake, he is guilty, with this he turns himself in. After knowing why Katha needs money Viaan changes himself, he recreates himself just for Katha. Mr. Grewal if this will change the past. Viaan questions, there was a time when Grewal family did not support Katha, they reformed her by giving love, Viaan is also doing the same. They should ask Katha. Yuvraj is worried about the world. Viaan questions, they will never let this come out for the sake of the narrative. Viaan is here for the narrative, he is not answerable to the world.

Mr. Grewal knows, accuses Viaan of ruining his daughter, how should he live with it. Viaan knows that there is a solution to everything, talking about it helps. Viaan is ready to accept every punishment. Katha releases her hand, Viaan questions, begs her not to leave him, not to push him back into that trauma. Katha doesn’t want to do anything at Aarav’s expense, no one knew what she did, everything was for her son. Viaan requests Katha to speak her mind.

Katha was afraid of this, she tried her best but no one supported her. Yuvraj stopped Viaan, he got what he deserved in that Mundip. Yuvraj can never forget what Viaan did to Katha. Kavita shouts and requests everyone to stop this. Viaan apologizes to her, he has really changed, he will do everything to fix the past, everything to help his narrative. As a mother, Kavita cannot ignore what she did to Katha. Mr. Grewal wants Viaan to be behind the bars, he cannot take Aditya’s place. The narrative speaks in favor of Viaan, as at that time he did not know anything about her.

There was mutual agreement on what happened that night, sometimes bad times force good people to make mistakes. Mr. Grewal explains that Katha was saving her son, while Viaan was there for some other work. Mr. Grewal is at fault for leaving Katha alone among the animals. Teeji intervenes, she understands their pain. Teeji has made a lot of mistakes, and not understanding Katha and Viaan’s love is one of those things. She pleads with Mr. Grewal to give Viaan a chance.

Mr. Grewal stopped him, he questioned the story several times, he should not speak now. Teeji gets down on her knees, it is because of her that Viaan has grown up considering every girl as an old woman. It is because of Katha that Viaan fights with Teeji, his thoughts and values, out of all the people Viaan respects Katha the most. Teeji pleads with Mr. Garewal, the story is Viaan’s life.

Katha requests Teeji to stop. Teeji tells that Maya brought all this to light, she should not leave Viaan for this. Katha requests everyone to discuss this topic. Yuvraj wants Teeji to take away his son, this topic is traumatizing his parents. Ehsaan speaks in favor of Viaan, he admits that Viaan has flaws but he changed himself for the sake of the narrative. If not him, he must believe the narrative, he is the most intelligent person he has met, he must have seen Viaan’s crime to forgive him. Despite everything, as a result, Viaan saves Aarav and Katha saves Viaan. Yuvraj met Ehsaan and his wife Stopped drinking.

Precap: Aarav questions Robin for hurting his mother, he faints. Mr. Grewal wants Katha to get justice, he takes out his gun and points it at Viaan.


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