Katha Ankahee 24th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 24th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 24th November 2023

Today’s episode of Katha Ankahee 24th November 2023 starts with Katha tries to control Aarav who yells at Viaan but she calls him son when Aarav says that neither he is his son nor Viaan is Robin, forcing Raghav to take Aarav to the room. goes while Katha also follows them both when Raghav assures that everything is fine but Aarav is unable to control himself. Ruhi questions Viaan that how Aarav knows her and why is he so angry.

Ahsan sharply asks what should he do as Vanya has already made a plan and they know the reason when Vanya asks what is the need to talk when both of them are going their separate ways, Sharp questions. Asks if this is the only thing left that they have. Both of them are arguing and this is what Viaan needs in his life, Vanya tells that these arguments are for a few days and she wants them all to end because they Will be together for life, Teji says that if there was a chance then she herself would have brought Katha back to their home, but now she feels that it will ruin many lives, Dr. Raghav and his family will be heartbroken as their home will be ruined by Katha.

revolves around and the balance of their family will be broken. Vanya says that she is searching for her brother who fought with everyone for his rights and shouldn’t she help her brother who is in a lot of pain because his son was taken away from him and if it was a blood relation So they would do this. Having definitely fought for it, Ahsan is forced to agree and apologizes to Vanya, so they hug each other.

Katha asks Aarav to rest but he keeps throwing the blanket, he says he promised her but why did she come in front of him, Raghav remembers how Viaan kept calling him Katha and she saw both of them in a Also saw in the cabin when Viaan said that he was just reciting some new poetry. Aarav questions why he broke his trust when he was his best friend, so Raghav hugs Aarav, assuring him that they both will talk to him and that Aarav should not worry.

Pari Aunty questions how Aarav knows her and why was he saying that he has hurt her, Vikram requests Pari to calm down as it could be a misunderstanding when Viaan says he can explain, Ruhi asks what to explain as she has seen Aarav he is very stressed and is it all because of her as he is very angry only because of Viaan, he has mentioned that he loves Aarav which He has his life so he will explain everything but just needs to talk to Aarav once, Vikram explains that only Katha or Raghav can give him this chance but it might not be the right time, Pari asks Viaan if He is here to create some problem as Aarav has never behaved like this in front of them, so when Viaan is stressed they need the truth.

Raghav says that his mother is bringing water for him and explains that Viaan came to their house so they need to behave and talk politely, Aarav questions how long will they talk to him as he neither He is her best friend and neither is there anything else for her, Katha asks Aarav to calm down and explains that Raghav is on their side and Viaan will not be able to create any problem for them, she asks Aarav to sit with Raghav. She asks for it and sends it to Viaan.

Teji hugs Vanya and tells her not to worry as they will sort out everything, Ahsaan says that Viaan has also removed the tracker, when Teji says that ever since Viaan met Aarav, he is always hoping. that they will be together once again, Vanya says that they will definitely meet but Ahsaan says that he is worried for Viaan because what if his heart gets broken once again and for Aarav whose heart is so broken. He gets angry while Katha who was a strong mother also loses her strength, she says that they both have sacrificed a lot to go away from Viaan and what if Aarav also becomes like Viaan. When Vanya assures that this will not happen and Katha should give Viaan Bhai a chance.

The story unfolds when Ruhi asks how Aarav is, she questions Viaan about what he does because she has come face to face with Aarav and now she doesn’t even want to see his face, Viaan with Aarav Requests to be left alone so he can vent his anger. But Katha says that she cannot let her son suffer when Viaan says that he is Aarav’s father and cannot let his son go away. Raghav asks Ruhi to move out and be with Aarav, when he asks Katha what is Viaan’s relation with Aarav, he says that Katha is innocent, when Raghav replies that he deserves an answer.

¬†Katha tells that she used to work in Mr. Raghuvanshi’s office and they fell in love so they wanted to get married but then something came to light which remained hidden and it ruined their life, she tells that Aarav was very much in love with her. Loved and loved. He treats him like his father, but he is horrified when he learns that Viaan has hurt him. Raghav says that he is trying to find the reason for Aarav’s anger but now Viaan is the reason due to which Aarav has changed a lot. Viaan says he knows that

There will be a lot of questions when Vikram tells that till yesterday Viaan was a poet but now he has a lot of questions because he has hurt Katha, Pari tells Katha that Viaan is an outsider but he is from their family. . Raghav says Katha left the open mic because of Viaan and she told that she didn’t want to meet him, Raghav says that’s why she hurried to get married and he knows the answer, Raghav tells that their past and injuries. But why did she do it? Katha says it is because of Aarav, when Raghav questions why she hid it,

Katha says it is her past and she thought if she kept it away she would be able to move on. Will get better chance as Aarav has become stable like this. Katha says that for a long time she tried to inform him but she could not muster the strength, Katha then apologizes to both Vikram and Pari as she never intended to hurt them and she did not know that something would happen , Raghav says jokingly the thing is that both of them were making a memorial of love for him,

Viaan says that he knows Raghav won’t believe him but he has always told the truth, until he found out that His Katha is Raghav’s fiancee and would he have said anything because Katha has decided to move on herself so what can he say, he says that he never wanted to be a storm in their lives so he just wanted to be with Katha. Waits to say something, Raghav asks what she could have said that it was her past and she said to take the decision, she will have her reasons but it is the past and they should get over it.

Raghav turns to Katha and asks what she wants when Pari aunty says that Viyaan is Katha’s past while she is the daughter-in-law of their house and Aarav is their son, Viyaan stops her by saying that Katha is her past and future. While Aarav is his. Son, he knows that they are separated due to an incident but Katha still loves him and he is still Aarav’s father, Pari asks Katha if this is not the case and whatever Viaan says. That’s just his thinking, Viaan requests Katha not to do so. Lie while he is just silent.

Precap: Viaan asks Raghav to believe that Katha still loves him while Aarav is his son, Raghav tells Katha that he needs time but it is not possible now and he has to decide what makes him happy. Meets, Katha says that her happiness is with Ruhi and Aarav, Viaan is shocked to hear this.

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