Kavya 24th November 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 24th November 2023 episode starts with Kavya saying that I love Adi. Mayank smiled. Shubh says don’t make fun of my love. Kavya says no, I was not laughing at you, but it was my stupidity, I could not understand such a big thing, really sorry. He says you will regret this mistake. She says no, I know I can’t live with you. He says I am destined for you, you will come back to me one day. She says sometimes we choose a path and it becomes our destiny, our paths are different now, sorry, I meant it, goodbye. She goes inside the house. Shubh cries.

Anjali and Rajiv ask who has come to the house. They come to beat the thief. They see Mayank and Kavya. Mayank says finally, you understood, I don’t need to act anymore. Kavya asks what, do you know. He says yes. She asks why didn’t you tell? He says you said yes to Shubh. She says no, it was not yes. He asks are you mad? She says I need to improve my communication skills. He says yes, do it, etc. Emotionally tortured that day, he came here. She asks what, tell me?

He says Sanjeev and I brought Adi here so that you can know the truth. She asks what is true? Malini asks what did you tell Kavya. Giriraj says I don’t understand, he is mad. She smiles He says I don’t like that girl, you called her home, you won’t care about my wish, okay, you have to go to Mahila Ashram tomorrow, you go alone, I won’t come with you. She says I was walking alone on this path.

Kavya says I won’t ask, if I can guess, it’s not cheating, come, either nod yes or indicate no. She asks is it about me or dad. Mayank signs it. She says Shubh got the letter from Giriraj, then why didn’t Giriraj recognize him, it means Adi got the letter and gave it to Shubh. Mayank says okay, I didn’t tell you anything. She says I have to meet Adi. He says come back, he won’t wake up now, you go to sleep. He puts her to sleep.

Adi and Kavya think about each other. She dances and smiles. It was morning, Pandit brought Shubh and Gauri home. Kavya says I talked to you at night. He says I forgot this, you were drunk, I have forgiven you. She asks when did I apologize, I was drunk but tells that I was serious. Anjali asks them to come. Shubh says enough, I won’t tolerate anymore, you won’t leave me, I realized my mistake and apologizes, this marriage will happen.

Mayank comes and asks what did he say to you. Kavya says she has a misunderstanding, I am going to meet Adi. Gauri asks Kavya to make halwa for Pandit. Mayank says Kavya had a meeting, she will be late, I will make halwa. Gauri asks Shubh if everything is fine. He says yes. Anjali says we should wait for Rajeev. Gauri says when Rajiv comes we will give him good news.

Adi sees Anusha having a hangover and jokes. They collapse on the sofa. Kavya comes to meet Adi. She feels shy. She walks ahead. She gets shocked to see Adi tickling Anusha and laughing. She secretly keeps an eye on them. She becomes angry and crushes the flowers. Adi says I have the cure for your hangover. Kavya runs away and hides in some room.

She says sorry aunty. She sees Malini crying and asks are you worried, I am leaving, sorry. Malini says okay. Kavya says you are always positive, you are looking a bit worried right now, tell me what happened, can I help you. Malini says Adi is right, you think about others first. Kavya asks if Adi had said this. Malini nodded. Kavya smiled. Malini says I am going for a small work, it should be good. She goes. Mayank calls Kavya and asks did you talk to Adi. She says I don’t think it’s right.

Adi comes and asks what do you want to say. He goes towards her. He stops him. Your loitering…drama… He asks are you going to do something? He doesn’t let her go. She says I was leaving. He asks why do you do this, you don’t express your feelings, do you want to go. She nods. He asks her to leave. She asks should I go? He says yes, go. He pulls her close to him and asks what’s the matter, why did you come here.

Adi held Kavya’s hand. Shubh says this happened because of you. He asks Kavya to think. Adi leaves.

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