Katha Ankahee 31st October 2023 Written Episode

Katha Ankahee 31st October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 31st October 2023

Today’s episode of Katha Ankahee 31st October 2023 starts with At night Katha asks if everything is fine, she gets a call from Raghav and he tells her that she will be free soon when he says he just has a meeting and then meet at the location. Parnav comes to Katha and asks what time is it, he says guests didn’t come so he had to call his friends and even ask workers to sit, Parnav says Katha too There is a need to sit there but she refuses saying that she is the one. Bade needs comfort, but Paranav starts making puppy faces and hands her the flag which she angrily takes and walks to her seat.

Liza who enters with Viaan says that her faith in love has become stronger after seeing him, she asks what if the story has moved forward in life he replies that it can’t because He has seen the same intensity of love in her eyes that he has for her. , Liza is excited so asks Vian if they should go, Liza asks what the need for flags is when she is told that those whose flags match will team up for a competition when Vian explains that she is not a participant.

So the receptionist says they can’t allow her to enter without it, Liza convinces Vian to enter, he asks what else he has to do for her, they both enter the hall. Viaan is holding the pink flag while the other is in Viaan’s hand, a stranger tells Viaan that his shoelaces are loose so he goes down on his knees to tie them, Katha sees the pink flag in his hand, He gets a very strange feeling and just keeps looking at her. Parnav sees Viaan standing behind Katha, gets very upset and he immediately takes the blue flag to Viaan, they both leave.

Parnav helps Viaan sit with Liza and asks where she went, when she asks if they have the same flag he shows her the flag. The host reaches the stage when he says that they have gathered here to give love another chance, explaining that this program is an interactive program and they will be given a number after which they have to come here and introduce themselves. When Pranav brings her number to Katha requesting her to keep it, she stops him saying that she has agreed to just sit. Vian also tells Katha that he is not participating, when Liza explains that he just needs to go and introduce himself because there’s no way the girl will come to kidnap him, she forces him to remain silent. .

The host says they have the first number four, the two guys on the stage are fathers and introduce themselves, the girl says her name is Bhoomi and she is from Bhopal so she really likes to enjoy but what can she do I am alone so I need a companion. The boy tells that his name is Rahul and they might have heard his name but he loves horse riding and playing cricket, they all wish all the best to both Ruhi and Rahul. The second number is ten, the lady comes to Katha and explains that she should go on stage but she says that it is Paranav’s number, however she is informed that Paranav has gone to settle some work, Lisa Viaan is asked to go on stage.

But even as Katha is left with no other option but to go there, Parnav returns and is shocked to see both of them together. Katha is holding her number ten when she sees Viaan standing in front of her, both of them can only look into each other’s eyes. Katha seeing Viaan remembers how he had expressed his love for her and said that the girl who will wear the ring will be the love of his life, she remembers how their marriage was ruined and now in the competition. Just before entering Liza asks what if the narrative went ahead, Viaan is surprised to think that the story would go ahead so easily, the host says it seems like love at first sight, so could they? Can clap for the couple. Both Katha and Viaan slowly step back and Katha walks away from the stage while Viaan remains stunned.

Ruhi and Aarav are helping Raghav get ready, when he tells their mother that he will come straight to the restaurant, but he has a surprise for her, Aarav says that his father is very cool, when Raghav tells that his mother is airy. Conditioner, Aarav opens the brioche and recalls when he bought one for Robin, Raghav asks Ruhi to go out and get a surprise for her mother, he sits with Aarav and asks if he can have the brioche.

And she thinks Aarav remembers something, he replies that he doesn’t. Want to remember the past when Raghav tells the best thing about memories is that they are in the past so he should let them go without any problem but now he is going to take care of all the problems then what is the reason that. Aarav is worried? The only thing that is important at this moment is the hug, Raghav promises that it is his responsibility to make both him and his mother laugh, he starts tickling Aarav who starts laughing.Katha goes to the desk from where she picks up a water bottle, while Viaan goes to the bar.

Sathar is drinking while Katha gets involved in the discussion with the team, Viaan looking at her keeps asking for more drinks and he drinks them one after the other in frustration, he looks at Katha smiling So continues drinking, Liza asks Vianne if she is okay and asks if they can go back home as she is also very tired from this competition, Vianne says she will ask the driver to drop Liza home. But she needs to be alone for a while, Liza leaves and Vianne also gets angry and gets up to put the brioche on the desk. Katha turns back and gets worried when she can’t find Viaan, she sees bribes on the desk at the bar.

Raghav is eagerly waiting for Katha with the waiter, he asks if liquor is here and even has the ring, Raghav says he is too excited so not able to think clearly and here. Even when he asks if everything is okay, he is very restless.Katha is instructing the workers to load all the things in the truck and take it back to the warehouse, the guard requests Katha if she can come with him for a moment, he points towards Viaan and asks. What should they do with this person as they have no information about this person, Katha asks them to take her in their car, she requests if they can follow her in another car.

In the car Viaan asks Katha what she did to him, she replies that it was the best decision for all of them but he asks the reason, Katha says the answer to his questions lies in her screams because they Everyone she loved. Standing against each other and she knows that love is supposed to be their strength but at that moment it became their weakness so she had to move away from him.

Precap: Guards take Viaan to his home, when he is still drunk and wonders why she can’t wait for him and move ahead, Teji calls Ahsaan and tells him that after Viaan is ready Left home early in the morning. Viaan tells Ahsaan that Katha was in the singles meet and he wants to know what was the reason that she moved on in her life.

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