Katha Ankahee 9th October 2023 Written Episode

Katha Ankahee 9th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 6th October 2023

Today’s Katha Ankahee 9th October 2023 episode starts with When Viaan and Katha set out on a trip to the Dargah, Ehsaan stops Maya, she accepts it, agrees to stay but they were just words. Viaan could not believe that, despite knowing how much he loved Katha, Maya tried to sabotage the relationship.

Katha has to meet the parents, she requests to talk to Aarav. Aarav’s friends question why the marriage stopped, Aarav doesn’t know, Katha doesn’t tell. Another friend intervened, blaming it on Katha, saying that just as we hide our mistakes from our parents, our parents have to do the same. The boy accused Katha of breaking the relationship. Aarav warns the child, then attacks him.

Aarav cries and requests Katha to tell the truth as to why they can’t live with Viaan. Katha cannot tell her the truth that she is trying to hide from everyone. Katha embraced him. Aarav complains about her not telling the truth, Katha tells that elders have complex problems, no one was wrong in this story, she blames the situation. Katha requests him not to react like this, Aarav can’t hear a single word against his mother, he will fight with everyone, and who will take care of him.

Viaan doesn’t know what Ehsaan is thinking about him. When Ehsaan came to know, he was shocked but gradually he understood what brought about the change in him. His past took him to the worst place, he needed to change that mistake and guilt. Katha was able to see that change. Ehsaan will submit the discharge papers, then they will bring Katha home. Viaan wants Ehsaan to do one more thing.
Maya asks Teeji for permission to meet Viaan for the last time.

The parents were worried about their child. Katha comes to meet them, the parents were harsh towards her. The father complains about Aarav that he is cruel, he has fractured the child. The mother blames Katha’s broken marriage for Aarav’s changed behaviour. Katha apologizes, the father wants Katha to keep Aarav away from his son. The story ends. She comes outside Viaan’s room, doesn’t find him on the bed so goes inside.

Viaan was in the bathroom, Katha hides herself, Viaan senses someone being in the room. The nurse distracted him, asked for his signature, meanwhile the story went on. Teeji goes to meet Viaan, he expresses his desire to meet Katha. Viaan stops seeing Maya, Teeji tells that she is leaving. Viaan asked what kind of love if Maya loves him. Maya was his support, he accepts her support and help for Teeji and him but in return she took his life. Maya blames it on Teeji, she calls Maya to stop the wedding, she fears that Viaan will ruin her life.

Viaan knew Teji was upset, her forced smile was visible, but Maya was excellent, she loved controlling people. Maya doesn’t listen to anyone but not now, Teeji is with Viaan now, they don’t have time for Maya to plot their plans. Viaan has no time for that, as his son is waiting for him, he and Teeji will bring Aarav and Katha back. Maya refused. Viaan can fight to the death for his son and wife. Viaan announces that he no longer has an aunt, he only has a mother. Viaan leaves taking Teeji with him. Maya cried, her words would not change anything. She accepts her role as a villain, but remains a part of the story.

Katha leaves the hospital, she sees Viaan going towards the car with Teeji so she hides herself behind the auto. Viaan was calling him, he gets alerted by Katha’s cellphone ringing. Teeji asks Viaan to go towards Garewal mansion. They go. Katha overhears Maya asking Reet to tell Gravelles about Viaan and Katha’s hidden truth. Reet can’t pull this story, Yuvraj is in jail, Viaan almost died. Reet refuses to go to Mr. Grewal. Maya threatens to tell everyone that Reet was behind whatever happened at the wedding.

Ehsaan, who is driving Viaan and Teeji, suggests taking Katha to the temple and getting them married. Viaan and Teeji laugh. Teeji wants Viaan to sort things out with Katha and start afresh. A beggar comes to beg. Viaan asks him to pray. The beggar prays to Viaan to get everything he desires.

Katha tried to call but no one picked up the phone.

Mr. Grewal was worried about Yuvraj, because he was not in jail. Yuvraj enters the house with the lawyer. The lawyer said that Viaan withdrew the complaint. The lawyer left. Mr. Grewal questions Yuvraj that Viaan is helping him despite everything. Yuvraj refuses to believe it, saying this is Viaan’s way of hiding his reality.

Katha wants to tell everything herself before Reet tells Mr. Garewal.Mr. Grewal demands the truth. Kavita asks Mr. Grewal to give it rest. Yuvraj does not believe Viaan to be innocent, Mr. Grewal will open fire on him after knowing his true identity.Viaan goes inside the mansion alone, Katha follows him, they both stop after seeing each other.

Precap: Viaan requests Katha to stop, only death Only this can separate them. Reet shows the video to Mr. Grewal and tells him that Viaan took advantage of her. Mr. Garewal gets angry at Viaan for doing wrong to his daughter. Aarav yells at Robin for hurting his mother and later faints.


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