Kavya 9th October 2023 Written Episode

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Today’s Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 9th October 2023 episode starts with Kavya waking up and seeing Adhiraj. He also wakes up. She asks what are you doing here? He jokes and says I have kidnapped you, I have to call your father for ransom. She says Payal keeps fighting with me all the time, I came here to sit, I thought there is some VIP here, bye. He asks her to wait. She asks why are you coming?

He jokes and laughs. She says I was missing family, its been two days but… I am missing them a lot. He says your father, okay. She asks what? He doesn’t say anything, you like to mumble in your sleep. She says you should have woken me up. He says I have a solution to this stress, noodles. She also says noodles. Man prepares noodles. Adhiraj says I will come right away. She says he left when the noodles were ready. He gets support from music lovers and friends. Kavya smiled. They all have noodles. Payal says forgive me, where were you the whole night. Kavya says on the road. She signs Adhiraj. She says sorry, I was missing family. Payal says I said sorry first.

Karan comes and asks are you partying alone. He gets a cold drink. Adhiraj says your problems are as cute as your teddy bear pajamas, will you dance with me. She says no. He says I was asking Payal. They all dance. Richa says Adhiraj has planned all this for you, he has done a lot for you, he is a nice guy, he is hot too, it is impossible to get hot and sweet combination. Kavya thinks about Shubh.

She says I don’t want to waste time. Richa says keep calm, we all need a little love. Kavya smiles and says okay. Richa says remember women power. Adhiraj asks Kavya to dance. Kavya dances. She holds his hand and thanks him. He says okay, you can come anytime and sleep on my bed. She asks what is your history. He says I live in the present. She says you do a lot of drama, you are smart, you have always helped me, you are not bad, you are hiding something, what. He doesn’t say anything, I am an ordinary man, I don’t get along with my father. She says ok. She says you are not an anti hero. He asks about the broken wall. She asks him to go and sleep.

She sits and reads and smiles. Tracking notice falls. It’s morning, Kavya talks to her parents on call. She bumps into Jaideep. She picks up the file and says sorry uncle, I mean sorry sir. They see Jaideep. Jaideep says phones are not allowed in the academy corridors. She says sorry. He leaves. She says Jaideep is the new director of the course. Anjali says that Gauri was talking about this. Rajeev asks if he said anything bad or insulted you. Kavya recalls.

She lies to them that everything is fine. She goes to Jaideep and asks him to see the Basant Khedi project. Everyone comes there for trekking. Kavya is surprised. Rajiv was worried. Anjali asks him to think positive. Jaideep says your dedication towards work is good, time is wrong, OT has to go for trekking today, you forgot this. Ms. Sinha asks did you not check the trek menu. Kavya says no. Jaideep says trek will decide who is suitable for Basant Khedi project, you are late. Richa asks Kavya to get ready and come quickly. Kavya runs to her room.

Adhiraj thinks that if Kavya does not come on time then the bus will leave. He behaves uneasily and says I have got leg cramps, please just stop. Jaideep threw a box at him. Adhiraj caught it. Jaideep says this bus will not stop for anyone. the bus leaves. Jaideep thinks Kavya, you can’t go to Basant Khedi.

Jaideep attacks Kavya’s weakness. Kavya recalls Navya’s incident and cries. She falls down the cliff and screams.


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