Katha Ankahee spoiler its going toTakes an 8-Month Leap

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In a surprising turn of events, Katha Ankahee has left fans in suspense about the fate of Viaan and Katha’s love story. Confirming the speculations, the show will be taking an 8-month leap, which will mark a significant change in the story.

A source close to the show revealed, “Yes, there is a leap happening, but not a generational one, just a quick leap of 8 months.” The source also shared information about the post-leap storyline, revealing, “This will definitely break fans’ hearts, but Viaan and Katha will be separated, and shockingly, Viaan will be in jail. Why and how he got there is something fans will have to keep an eye on after the leap.”

With the wedding already cancelled, the upcoming separation track promises to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Adnan Khan, who plays Viaan, had previously shared his journey with the show, highlighting the unpredictability and twists in the story. Reflecting on the show’s success, he praised the collaborative efforts of the entire team, emphasizing the collective contributions of writing, direction, cinematography and performances.

“I think the biggest selling point of our show has been the writing, the direction, the cinematography, the performances. It’s not one thing; It’s a collection of people doing their best,” shared Adnan Khan. He credited the team for providing a slice of life to the audience and acknowledged the collaborative efforts that resulted in making Katha Ankahi a hit show.

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