Katha Ankahee 11th October 2023 Written Episode

Katha Ankahee 11th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in Katha Ankahi 10th October 2023

Today’s Katha Ankahee 11th October 2023 episode starts with Ehsaan asks Yuvraj who are they to decide whether it is a mistake or a sin, if Viaan and Katha have forgiven each other then they should also do the same, they cannot drag this matter anymore. . Yuvraj was going to fight with Ehsaan. Teeji asks Kavita to give second chance to Viaan. Katha requests everyone to leave her alone. Viaan stops him, asks him to speak.

Yuvraj becomes angry, Ehsaan stops him from attacking Viaan again. Mr. Grewal shouts at Viaan, Katha has finished it. Viaan insists on starting from the beginning, admitting his mistake of making Katha helpless, he put her in a dire situation, it was not his fault, it was he who hurt her. Aarav questions. The narrative reverses. Aarav questions, no one was telling him anything except Viaan, he was his Robin so why did he hurt his mother. Aarav yells at Viaan and questions him for hurting his mother. Aarav later becomes unconscious, everyone runs to help. Yuvraj pushes Viaan and takes him to the bedroom.

The doctor injected him with a medicine, assuring him that he would be fine. Katha asks Aarav to get up saying she has school. Aarav slowly opens his eyes. The doctor wants Katha to tell why Aarav fainted, she tells him what happened. Doctor tells that he has gone into trauma, some rest will help but he should be taken to pediatrician.

Ehsaan went to drop the doctor. Katha talks to Aarav and asks if he wants to sit, Aarav refuses, he looks at Viaan and Teeji. Viaan waves at him but he does not respond. Katha leaves the room crying. Mr. Grewal came to Katha questioning everyone, she wanted to keep everything away from Aarav. Yuvraj charges Viaan, Katha asks him to stop. Mr. Garewal cries seeing Aditya’s photo, he couldn’t take care of his son and wife, but he will take his revenge. Mr. Grewal loaded his gun.

Viaan will cure Aarav, Katha wants him to leave. Mr. Grewal points the gun at Viaan, who has loaded it with real bullets contrary to his ceremony. Katha requests Mr. Garewal to lower his gun, Teeji and Ehsaan follow him. Ehsaan tries to tell that this will escalate the matter, Reet stops Yuvraj from intervening. Viaan calls him Papa, Mr. Garewal forbids him to do so. Viaan ruined his daughter and made Mr. Garewal also commit sin. Teeji requests Kavita to stop Mr. Garewal. Katha pleads with him to put down the gun.

Mr. Grewal asks Viaan what he did to Aarav, the innocent child who trusted him. Viaan does not have the right to live. Viaan thinks that killing him will not give peace to anyone but it will turn into a bad memory. Kavita pleads with Mr. Garewal to put down the gun. Katha requests them to solve this matter as a family. Mr. Grewal asks how will he live after this, he decides to kill himself. Kavita pleads, Mr. Garewal is the eldest member of this family.

Yuvraj wants to take Mr. Grewal’s position. Viaan is ready to fire. Katha steps in front of the gun, she bears everything alone, requests Mr. Garewal to let her go. Viaan takes him aside, Aarav needs him. Viaan asks Mr. Grewal to realize what he is doing, a woman is losing her love, a mother is losing her son, a wife is losing her husband and the family is losing their father. Viaan lowers the gun, he gives Viaan his son’s position but it kills him.

Viaan picks up the gun, Yuvraj tackles Viaan, they both rush. Katha sees a gun pointed at Mr. Garewal, she tries to deflect it but the bullet goes off and hits Mr. Garewal. Yuvraj wanted to kill Viaan, Ehsaan stops him, Viaan tells that it was an accident. They call an ambulance. Viaan told that it was an accident. Katha screams at him to leave, she can’t bear the pain any more, ends what they had. Katha asks him to leave. Viaan can’t speak but asks Katha why is she pushing him back in the dark, she was his firefly but turned him into a stranger in a minute. Viaan, Ehsaan and Teeji leave the Garewal mansion.

Back home, Ehsaan consoles a crying Viaan for Katha. Falguni enters the story. Katha notices her wearing an engagement ring. Vanya comes to Teeji. Katha took off the ring. Viaan goes to Aarav’s room. Katha consoles the crying Aarav.Ehsaan opened the door in front of the police standing outside. Police told Viaan that shots were fired at Garewal Mansion, he has been taken to the hospital. The police need the statement of Viaan and his family.

Precap: After 8 months, Aarav works in a new office. Viaan is in jail. A child cries for his broken bicycle, Aarav walks past. Ehsaan tells Katha that she will be released tomorrow.

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