Kavya 17th October 2023 Written Episode

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Today’s Kavya  17th October 2023 episode starts with Kavya breaking the wall. He remembers Jaideep’s words. She stops and says I will not lose. She starts building broken walls. It starts raining. Kavya builds a wall. Everyone watches. Anusha asks if this girl will stay. Karan says I don’t think so. Payal asks if the news is true? Adhiraj asks Nalini to see what Giriraj did. He says I had made a friend, Giriraj snatched him away from me. Nalini looks at Kavya. Rajeev and Anjali come there and catch Kavya. Kavya hugs him and cries.

Sanjeev goes to Adhiraj. He says forgive me. Adhiraj says okay, you leaked the video or I did. Nalini says I knew it, you can never do this. Sanjeev says yes, forgive me, you can punish me. She says no, you have to support Adhiraj, he has made you his friend. Sanjeev thanks Adhiraj and says I can die for my friendship. He goes to get tea. She asks Adhiraj to smile.

He says I have nothing to joke about. She says it is good otherwise you keep your feelings in your heart. He says that this is a big problem. Rajeev says this is a problem. Anjali asks have we sent you here to scratch old wounds. Rajiv says come with us to Basant Khedi. Anjali says whatever happened is good, I don’t want to send Kavya there, I have lost a daughter there, Kavya you can’t get Navya back, you can’t bear the burden of her memories. She cries and says I am trying to make you understand, I don’t want bad for you, my heart is stressed.

Kavya says Navya passed away 12 years ago, but we are still crying for her, I feel like we have lost something. Rajeev remembers the past. They cry for Navya. Kavya says Basant Khedi is not a project for me, it is the goal of my life, until I complete it, I cannot move ahead. He asks how will you go now, Jaideep has stopped you. Kavya wiped her tears. She holds his hand. Hopes…plays…she takes him. Nalini says fix it. Adhiraj asks how. She says you have a brain, use it, have courage, go ahead and win. He says you are right, you should give motivational speech. She says Kavya needs help, you can do this. He says that girl is crazy.

She looks at the wall. She says yes, he is mad, he has built this wall, this wall breaks every year, some madman from the batch makes it, Kavya is mad from this year’s batch, and I was a madman in my time. Adhiraj asks did you make this wall also. He smiles. He asks but why. She says reaching here is a penance, this wall is the last step, it is a test, only a mad person can pass it, madness makes you genius and if used properly it can become passion. Goes, otherwise like me… He hugs her.

Nalini says Kavya’s passion needs flight, you can give it to her, think about her. Kavya meets Ms. Sinha. She says I have to be there for the press conference. Ms. Sinha says OT is not allowed. Kavya says it is about me, I should be there, let me go and talk to them, else my one year will be wasted. Ms Sinha says sorry. Jaideep addresses the media and gives a statement against Kavya.

Everyone watches. Kavya and OTS watch the interview on TV screen. Jaideep says it is not necessary to know who made the video, good thing is that no accident happened, some OT showed bravery, I am talking about Adhiraj. He praises Adhiraj. Adhiraj says don’t worry Kavya. Kavya scolds him.

Payal says Adhiraj has become a hero. Jaideep says we talked to Kavya, she said she had slipped, we don’t want to put too much pressure on her right now, she has mental health issues. Kavya looks on. Jaideep speaks against Kavya. He lies about mental evaluation reports. Anjali asks what is he saying about Kavya. Giriraj signed Jaideep. Jaideep says Kavya comes late to classes and remains distracted, she has behavioral problems, she is not mentally stable, it would not be good to send her to Basant Khedi.

Jaideep says the struggle will continue, be prepared. Kavya says I am ready. Anjali is worried about Kavya. Kavya says I will fight and win.

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Kavya 16th October 2023 Written Episode

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