Kavya 16th October 2023 Written Episode

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Today’s Kavya  16th October 2023 episode starts with Giriraj talking to Adhiraj. He says you will not be thrown out from here, I will win anyhow. Adhiraj says you are great. Giriraj says you have all the qualities of a good politician. Adhiraj jokes and leaves. Kavya says Adi can’t do this, why did he leak the video, why did he say that nothing will happen to him. Giriraj talks to Jaideep and says nothing will happen to academy name, everyone will praise you, don’t worry, if it is not in our favor then we should change the matter.

Jaideep says I just know the rule book, it is your job to change the rules, I just follow it. Giriraj says you are hero of those officers, we will call press and show that my son saved that girl, they learned it from you, just make sure that girl…. Jaideep asks what about that girl? Giriraj says you think about it, if we are making someone a hero then we have to make someone a villain also, do you understand. Ms. Sinha received the project notice. Sanjeev hugs Adhiraj. Kavya does not see her name. She becomes sad.

Sanjeev says you saved me. Adhiraj says they can throw you out, not me, Giriraj has kept his name by saving me. Sanjeev says I am happy, your name is also in the list. Adhiraj asks what, is my name there. He checks his name. Kavya looks on. Sanjeev says you get everything without hard work, I am glad you are coming along. Adhiraj says Giriraj is trapping me, I will not go there, let’s see who wins. Anusha says you will get more opportunities. Payal says Kavya wants to go there, she is hurt. Anusha says leave him alone.

Kavya runs after Jaideep. She asks why was I rejected for this project. Everyone comes. Kavya says my track numbers and records are fine. Jaideep says other OTs were also not selected, will I explain my decision to everyone. Ms. Sinha asks Kavya to come. Kavya says you are a director, not a dictator, you have to answer, it is your duty. They say you can be suspended for this. She says you still have to answer. He runs the news. Kavya cries seeing the journalists accusing her.

Malini says they are blaming this girl’s mental health, her career will be over. Giriraj says that the tea should be boiled thoroughly. She asks what did you talk to Jaideep. He says he is a nice man, he has sent tea for you. She asks why are you after that girl. He serves her tea. She asks what problem do you have with that girl. He says she has broken the engagement with Jaideep’s son, have tea. She asks what do you want? He says that he should stay away from that village. She asks why.

He says Omi was stressed, I told him to talk to you, he has bought the hospital land, if any problem happens then there will be big loss. She says you don’t want that girl to go there and develop that hospital. He taunts him. Jaideep says that it is the responsibility of every officer of this academy, if you jump down from a building in Basant Khedi then who will be responsible. He answers it. He asks him to wait for the next round. He says this first round is over for you. She cries. He leaves.

She runs somewhere and cries remembering everything. Adhiraj comes and asks what happened. She asks him to leave. She says this happened because of you, you bought the media to save yourself. He says that Papa does something not for me, but for himself. She argues. He says you have gone mad, Basant Khedi is a village. She cries. He holds her close and says don’t do this, you will get more chances. She says this is no joke for me, you have put everything on my mental state to save yourself, you have all the qualities of a politician, go away. He says you are misunderstanding. Sanjeev sees this and gets angry.

Kavya asks what should I understand, you have a habit of making stories, I have shared my feelings, why is Jaideep angry with me, he wants a chance to throw me out of the academy, you leaked that video and gave him a chance, He will prove that I am not worthy of living here because of you. He says please, think with a calm mind. She yells just go away. He leaves.

Jaideep and Giriraj addressed the press. Jaideep speaks against Kavya. Kavya leaves. Anjali and Rajiv come there and hug Kavya.

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