Kavya 3rd October 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kavya 3rd October 2023 episode starts with Rajeev and Anjali coming to meet Gauri. The servant asks them to sit outside, he will call madam. Adhiraj asks did you come to settle here, you have reached your dreams. Kavya says you are a topper. He says no, rank 9. She asks why didn’t you tell me. He says I encouraged you and helped you by getting the file, say it once.

Kavya says thanks. A girl sees him and says he is Shahrukh. He behaves like Shahrukh. Adhiraj says you are serious, you fulfill your dreams, I will fulfill mine. he goes Gauri comes and asks what are you doing here, no one told me that you all are here, I will take their class. She asks the servant to bring breakfast. Servants get tea and snacks. Gauri taunts them.

She gives the bills and says pay these bills, we wanted to do everything for our daughter-in-law, but the engagement is broken now. They feel worried when they see long bills. Kavya sees the broken wall and asks the peon. He says one day you will know the reason. She goes to check her room. He meets Richa. She looks at her room. Adhiraj checks his room. Her father calls her and asks did you like the room, it’s equipped with all the electronics. Adhiraj says you think you have power to take decisions, you took me away from my mother. Giriraj says you got this smartness from me, make me proud, become an IAS officer.

A man comes and he likes the big room. Adhiraj says this room is big because of my father. The man says you have come here on recommendation. Adhiraj says no. Karan comes and says father’s power, nepotism. Sanjeev jokes on Karan. Adhiraj says I am Adi, will you stay in my room, VIP room. Sanjeev says sorry Karan, I will stay here. Karan says okay, relax, its good I got a solo room. The peon comes and explains the routine. He says you have to reach there for the convocation.

Kavya gets excited. Richa goes. Anjali and Gauri argue. Kavya gives a saree to her roommate. She says it would be more suitable for you, we should be friends, I have never stayed in a hostel, I heard it is fun. Kavya thinks of calling Anjali and asking for help. Rajeev and Anjali refuse to pay the bill. Shubh comes and argues with Kavya about breaking the engagement. Anjali takes Kavya’s call. Kavya asks if you are at Shubh’s place. Anjali says they are asking us to pay 2.5 lakh bill. Gauri threatens them.

Jaideep comes to the academy. Shubh taunts them. Kavya says you have no right to insult my parents. Shubh says you insulted me. Kavya says I will pay the money. Gauri scolds him. Kavya answers him. She says I have been selected for IAS, no one can take away my dream. Anjali cries. Kavya says that I will give the money from my salary. Shubh disconnects the call. He takes out the ring and keeps it. He leaves. Kavya smiled.

Jaideep says I know Kavya’s weakness, she will be back in 2 days. Kavya learns about the new project and remembers her sister’s suicide.

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Q1. where to watch Kavya

ANS. You can watch Kavya online on sonyliv or it will telecast on sonytv

Q1.Kavya upcoming story


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