Kumkum Bhagya 16th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 16th October 2023 episode starts with Mihika saying to Prachi that some people keep enmity in their hearts, but don’t expect the same from you. Manpreet says look at Ranbir first. Prachi is about to check on him when Mihika pushes her and frantically asks Ranbir if he is okay. Ashok takes Mihika from there.

Ranbir says that actually he is allergic to Prachi and tells her that she has not done anything wrong. Prachi gets sad and leaves from there. Akshay looks on. Ashok asks Mihika why she is creating problems. Mihika says Prachi wants to harm Ranbir and I will not say anything and says I will. Ashok says it is Prachi, against whom are you saying this? Mihika asks if she is Devi. Manpreet comes there and says I will teach her manners. Ashok goes.

Manpreet asks Mihika what kind of way is this to talk to her father like this? Mihika says I got upset because I talked to your husband in a loud voice, but if Prachi tries to harm my future husband, I will not do anything. Manpreet asks what are you saying? Mihika says Prachi wants to snatch my future husband and says Ranbir is only mine. Manpreet says Prachi will never cross the limit. She reveals that Ranbir is Prachi’s past, and tells that they have lived a life together and that they have a daughter, Khushi, whom they love very much. She asks him to understand that the past cannot be changed. Mihika says you are 100 steps ahead of papa and love Prachi more than me.

Akshay comes there and says she can love everyone except us. He says she loves Prachi more than you and loves Ranbir more than me. She says that if she had considered us as her children, she would not have left us alone in our childhood. He says we lived our life like an orphan, and tells that he is sorry if he felt bad. he goes Mihika says brother said right…Prachi comes there and listens to him.

Mihika says you love Prachi and don’t love me and don’t care about me, if anything happens to me. She says, Actually, I am sad to say that you are not a good mother but a bad mother and in fact you do not even deserve to be called a mother. She says I wish you loved me like you loved Prachi. She tells him to go and make Prachi his daughter and be her mother. She says I am not your daughter. Manpreet has tears in his eyes and turns away after seeing Prachi. Prachi goes away from there leaving him alone.

Manpreet comes to the kitchen and tells Prachi that she knows she heard us. Prachi says I heard by mistake. She says you don’t know what you mean to me, and tells that everyone knows I married Akshay for Khushi’s custody, and tells that another reason is Papa/Tandon sir. She says that she is not able to spend time with her father. She says that she got her father’s love from Tandon sir and her mother’s love from him. She tells that when Mihika said that you love me more, I did not feel wrong, but felt bad that she felt bad. She thanks him for loving her. Manpreet says I will always be your mother.

She says Mihika will understand and says being her mother she has forgiven her. Prachi hugs him and cries. Manpreet told that he is with her. Ranbir looks at them and smiles. He hugs Manpreet and says I know your son doesn’t like, but I will love you always.

Mihika comes to her room and gets angry and starts crying. Divya comes behind him. Mihika tells him that mother is not just taking Prachi’s side but wants to snatch Ranbir from me and give him to Prachi. Divya asks did you hear this. Mihika says I know this is what Manpreet wanted and says Ranbir had fallen in love with me and cared for me, but Prachi is snatching it away from him. She says Ranbir always saves Prachi, why will I live and says I want to die. She is about to fall from the window, but Divya saves her.

Then Mihika tries to cut her wrist, but Divya stops her and says that you will not die, but Prachi will die. He says that he is with him in all his right or wrong deeds. Mihika asks how will Prachi die? Divya says accident and tells that they will get cylinder blast. Mihika asks him to call Prachi to the kitchen to make khichdi for mom as she wants light food. They go.

Ranbir tells Akshay that he has changed overnight and he cannot understand this change. Akshay asks to see Ashok and tells Ranbir that he arrested him because he thought his car’s brakes failed and when he realized his mistake, he apologized to Prachi for his sake. Ranbir asks her to tell the truth. Akshay says yes, even he can’t believe it, and tells that Prachi means a lot to him.

Ti is. Divya and Mihika come to the kitchen. While Divya stands outside, Mihika goes inside the kitchen and takes out the gas pipe and turns the main knob of the gas on. They leave from there.

Ashok is worried. Manpreet asks him to take medicine. Ashok says he is worried for them. Vishakha comes there. Ashok tells that Akshay and Mihika are doing anything and my heart is sad. Vishakha and Manpreet ask her not to be sad. Ashok tells that both Akshay and Mihika love Ranbir and Prachi, and asks if they are toys worth giving to them. He gets a call and leaves.

Manpreet asks Vishakha to help him and convince Akshay and Mihika of the other, and tells her everything that they do not consider her as their mother, and they do not respect her for abandoning them in their childhood. She says they respect you because you have raised them. Vishakha says they don’t respect me, but they are sure that I will hide their mistakes, like I used to hide them before. She tells him that even now she is doing the same, and tells that Mihika had failed the brakes of Prachi’s car and Akshay knew about it, then he also got Ranbir arrested. She says I don’t know how to stop it.

Mihika asks Divya where she got this idea from? Divya says you did it 7 years ago. Mihika gets worried and angry. Divya asks if we will work on our plan. Mihika says yes. Divya goes to Prachi and says Manpreet wanted to eat khichdi as she wanted to eat something light. Prachi says she will make khichdi in 2 minutes. Divya praises his cooking skills. Prachi says everyone cooks good food here. Divya says she doesn’t cook. Prachi says you will become a good cook. Divya goes out and tells Mihika that Prachi has agreed. Mihika asks if he got suspicious. Divya says no and tells that she had no doubt on him. They see Prachi coming there and wait for the explosion.


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