Kumkum Bhagya 19th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 19th October 2023 episode starts with Manpreet warns that Mr. Tandon has to accept his condition but he replies that he has to do so and there is going to be no discussion, Manpreet says that he cannot take all the decisions himself as she is also a mother but Mr. Tandon says That he will take the decision himself, aunty comes into the room and asks why both of them became silent as soon as she entered the room, Manpreet mentions that Mr. Tandon has called the hospital and asked him to take good care of both of them. Instructed, Mr. Tandon explains that this is the last option they have, Manpreet threatens her that if she sends the children to the hospital, she will have to face dire consequences and says that she will die, she asks her sister to try to convince Manpreet. But she says that she is standing by Manpreet’s side. Mr. Tandon became worried.

Prachi says that she knew that Mahika loved Ranbir but she never thought that she would stoop to such a low level, Mehika replies that even she could not believe that Prachi could do all this, because She was exactly like Lord Ram and respected him a lot but she moved on with her future husband, Prachi asks how Mahika talked to her nicely for so many days when she had so many bad thoughts about him. , Mahika replied just like Prachi because she was always ready to snatch everything from him, Prachi asks what she meant when Mahika says that she is trying to snatch Ranbir, Prachi replies that She never tried to listen to which Mahika says that she is always ready to serve Ranbir whenever Ranbir gets into any trouble,

Prachi replies that it is because of everything Ranbir has. She cares about him so much. done for her because she has always protected both her and her daughter, Prachi says that she is warning Mehika to stop her actions and not think about her past mistakes, Mehika replies that when If someone survives then it is a mistake but if she had succeeded then Prachi would have been successful. Dying, Prachi says this is her last warning to Mehika as she tried to take her and her daughter’s life which she cannot bear, she warns her that if she does anything again there will be dire consequences. , Mehika says that Prachi has made a mistake by saying all these things to her because she has awakened the devil inside her and now she will definitely show her true self.

Manarpreet told that she never wants her children to go away from her, so she goes to Didi and asks her to be Mr. Let the kids go to the hospital, Khushi comes chasing the ball and questions her grandmother why she is crying when she replies that there is something in her eyes, aunty asks Khushi to come to her and Says she should tell her grandpa that she needs to go on picnic with her Akshay papa and Mahika bua, when didi says she knows it Khushi replies that she really loves them, but It would mean a lot if Khushi makes it clear, Manpreet tells Didi that using the child is wrong when Didi says that everyone in this house loves Khushi and she is sure that Mr. Tandon will listen to her.

Akshay was drinking in the room when Mihika comes in so Akshay hides the drink first, Mihika says that she warned him to let Prachi go so that she can calm down but he did not agree, after Mihika’s explanation Akshay replies. Tells that he is happy that Prachi is fine. Prachi threatened him today and now he is sure that Prachi will not back down but will definitely come closer to Ranbir, Ajay asks Akshay why Prachi would threaten Bhabhi Mahika when he tells that Prachi has come to know that she is the one Who had tried to cause the accident. Mahika leaves saying that she is warning him to be careful otherwise they will lose everything, Akshay tells Ajay that Mahika is not lying and if he wants to live his life with Prachi then he has to talk to Ranbir. must get rid of so that they will never be together, he vows to do so by making sure Ranbir is dead so Prachi can live with him for the rest of her life.

Mr. Tandon sees the phone ringing, he remembers how he had an argument with Manpreet, who was insisting that he should not let his children go to the hospital, but he is convinced that it is necessary. Khushi comes running and Mr. Tandon hugs her, she asks for his chocolate when he replies that he could not bring it because he has not gone out but he will definitely bring it, Khushi says that she There is something important to discuss, he asks what it is when she says he has to bring her ear. Khushi starts expressing her desires to him, hearing which he gets worried. Manpreet comes out with didi and asks what is happening that Khushi is whispering this in her grandfather’s ear, Khushi says it is their secret when Manpreet says it is not right to talk alone, Manpreet says That she might be complaining about them, Khushi says that she was requesting to go on picnic with her father and Mahika bua, Khushi says that she knows that her grandfather is the best and whatever he She says she will always accept him

Manpreet asks Mr. Tandon to answer carefully as Khushi considers him her superhero. Mr. Tandon agrees. Ranbir arrives when Khushi runs to welcome him, she says she is very happy so Ranbir asks the reason when Khushi says she is going on a picnic with Mahika aunty and her father Akshay. Ranbir says that he also wants to go with her but she says that she will think about it and will tell him at night, Ranbir starts following her.

Mahika is sitting in the room when she angrily walks out of the room, her friend questions where she is going when Mahika replies that there is something she wants to talk to Prachi, Mahika then leaves when Her friend thinks till then Mahika is angry and then starts throwing things so it is normal but now she is calm so something bad is going to happen. Mahika asks Prachi to come as she wants to talk to her, Prachi says they can talk in the room but Mahika says she wants to talk here, Mahika questions what Prachi told about her. Why not tell the truth to parents, Prachi answers because she loves and cares for the family that would be hurt,

Mahika warns Prachi not to do so because it is wrong when Mahika answers that she She is very fed up with this nonsense and can’t tolerate it anymore, she will do anything for Ranbir and for this Khushi will also have to stay out of his way. Prachi says Mahika has gone mad as she is not understanding that Ranbir is Khushi’s father and cannot live without her. Prachi tries to leave saying that Mahika needs help when she replies that she needs Ranbir, Prachi turns back and tells that a woman had tried to marry Ranbir once before but she Unable to do so, Mahika asks if Prachi can’t take the name of her sister who was married to Ranbir and tried a lot to marry Ranbir but couldn’t. Prachi says that Mahika does not love Ranbir but just has a passion, she is clearly saying that she cares for him and will never let Mehika marry him, when Mahika says that she wants to marry Ranbir’s Kumkum and Kundali Bhagya. Both have it and that’s for sure, Prachi replies that it is not so, when Mahika asks what is the reason she still considers him as her own, Prachi replies for the next seven generations, Mahika says that Prachi should start imagining Ranbir with her because that’s what will happen. soon.

In the morning Akshay gives the money to the representative who asks how much are they, Akshay says they have to work. When the person says Ranbir is talking with Juneja’s team, Akshay questions what he is paying them for. He asks them to make Ranbir need to sign this deal immediately, so he should leave the house.

Mr. Tandon comes to take Aarti’s blessings and asks his sister how is she, Manpreet leaves when Mr. Tandon says that they have decided not to send the children to a mental asylum, hearing this, Manpreet is unable to remain calm so didi. Mr. Tandon says that they should hug, which makes Manpreet a little nervous, but when Manpreet tells that she is actually hungry, they all start smiling, so they all go to eat. While serving breakfast, Prachi forces Manpreet to sit and Akshay also comes to the breakfast table, Prachi serves him cornflakes.

Prachi sees Mahika coming and recalls how she warned Prachi about how she made Ranbir fall in love with her, she sits on the table. Ranbir finally sits at the table greeting everyone and Manpreet tells him about the tortillas filled with potatoes, he says these are his favorite. Ranbir reaches to get some pickles but Prachi stops him saying that these are not good for her health, Ranbir however replies that so little pickle will not do any harm, Mahika also agrees with him but he sees Prachi’s reaction. So he decides to eat it with sauce, seeing which Akshay says that he doesn’t like what Prachi is doing but he can’t even say anything to her, Akshay thinks that she is worried about Ranbir’s injury while he is worried about Ranbir’s injury today. Planning to kill him.

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